Tampering With or Fabricating Physical Evidence in Pennsylvania

While anyone charged with a crime wants to do their best to protect their rights and interest, tampering with evidence is not a good idea. Regardless of a person’s good intentions—whether they want to protect themselves or someone they know—you can undoubtedly use other strategies to reduce the severity of their consequences and penalties. However, many of us may not know precisely what strategies to utilize to provide assistance and mitigate risk.

If you are facing charges for fabricating or tampering with evidence, you may benefit from some assistance. The lawyers at Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford, P.C., are highly talented, as we have worked in law for over 65 years. We work hard to bring our clients outstanding results, including significantly reducing the penalties they might have faced without our assistance. Our clients trust us to support them through every step of the criminal legal process, and we may be able to do the same for you.

Tampering With Physical Evidence Has Consequences

When someone is charged with tampering, there is some risk of jail time and fines. Depending on the severity of the charge, as well as the specific charges associated with the incident, these may vary. However, working with a qualified and talented criminal defense attorney is a great way to reduce these risks and defend your rights.

Even when feeling desperate, there are better options than tampering with evidence when facing charges. Whether you want to protect yourself or someone else you know, getting the accused party in touch with a qualified criminal defense lawyer is far better. This is a much better way to find solid defenses and reduce penalties the accused individual may face. Tampering with evidence only exacerbates risk, introducing the potential for additional charges and penalties.

Top Steps to Follow After Receiving a Charge for Tampering With Evidence in Pennsylvania

Whenever someone is charged with a crime, especially if they have never been in trouble with the law, they often need to figure out what steps to take next. Please consider our suggestions if you need help deciding what steps to take following your tampering charge. These may help you build strong strategies and reduce the consequences you face.

Avoid Discussing Your Case

No matter the legal matters, we suggest you avoid discussing your case in any circumstances. While you may find comfort in speaking with friends or family about your case, this may introduce risks that could harm your best interests. The only individual we recommend speaking with is a lawyer, as you are entitled to attorney-client privilege and confidentiality.

Even if you tell your lawyer the truth, you can trust they will only share information that improves your odds of success during the legal process. This allows you to maintain privacy while working on your case.

Stay Off Social Media

We suggest you stay off social media if you are involved in legal matters, as any photos, comments, or other posts may be used against you. Even if your posts feel unrelated to your case, an opposing party may attempt to use any information they can to undermine your rights. This may also be the case if you have privacy settings enabled.

Some individuals log out of or disable their accounts rather than risk temptations associated with posting. To help mitigate the risks and improve your odds of success in court, we encourage you to consider taking similar action.

Speak With a Lawyer

We strongly recommend you speak with a lawyer if you have been charged with tampering. Like many crimes, it is essential to focus on protecting your rights and reducing the penalties you could face. Retaining a lawyer may help you in many ways throughout the legal process, including lowering these penalties, building arguments in favor of your case, and having someone else speak on your behalf.

Self-representation may appear appealing initially, but significant risks are associated with doing so. Your lawyer is far more likely to represent you fairly and favorably during the legal process, so we suggest you refrain from representing yourself. Your attorney is much more likely to have access to the tools and arguments that will convince the court to reduce your penalties.

Charged With Evidence Tampering? Get the Help You Need From Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford, P.C.

If you have been charged with evidence tampering or fabrication, consider calling Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford, P.C. for help. Our team of lawyers works tirelessly to defend its clients’ rights, and we are trusted to obtain the excellent results they deserve. We have worked in personal injury and criminal defense law for over 65 years.

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