Criminal Record Haunts Job Applicant

Pennsylvania residents who find themselves facing criminal charges will have many things to learn about. The criminal defense process is one part of things they will need to know but so too is how a potential conviction may affect the rest of their lives. From a reckless driving charge to a homicide charge, these situations can have consequences far beyond fines or prison sentences.

Over the years, it has become a common practice for employers to conduct background checks on job candidates before making final hiring decisions. However, there is some recent controversy in Pennsylvania around this practice and even a proposed new law that could play into what these checks would ultimately reveal. Legislation has been introduced in the state that would see many misdemeanor offenses more than 10 years old completely expunged. This means these convictions would not be visible on background checks.

A bus operator whose tentative job offer from a transit agency was revoked after his background check has filed a lawsuit. The man alleges that federal employment laws were violated. His background check returned information about a drug-related criminal conviction in the 1990s. Local prosecutors in Pennsylvania have also been discussing the importance of helping people with criminal histories move forward with their lives.

With the ability to earn a living and even secure housing potentially on the line, people who have been arrested in Pennsylvania may wish to talk with an attorney. Doing this can help to shed some insight into the criminal justice system.

Source:, “Rejected bus driver sues SEPTA over background checks,” April 28, 2016