Drug Investigation Leads to Arrest of Philly Ward Leader

Most Pennsylvania residents have read or seen media stories about people arrested for various crimes. These stories often seem to make it easy for readers or viewers to get the impression that the accused person is always guilty. That, however, is not an accurate representation. Our nation’s laws require that every person be assumed innocent until or unless he or she is proven guilty. This is so regardless of the defendant’s social, economic, or public status.

One local Philadelphia resident with a family history of civic involvement is today the subject of a recent drug crime case. Reports indicate that three months of investigations culminated with the arrest of a city ward leader. The 38-year-old man was apprehended at his home and taken into custody. Cocaine with an estimated street value of approximately $23,000 was at the house. Officers reportedly found a large amount of cash stashed underneath some furniture in the living room. Also discovered was a pistol that was loaded with ammunition and some pot.

Charges against the defendant include the accusation that he was selling both marijuana and cocaine from his home. No details were released regarding the involvement of any other people. Also not released were any details of whom he was reportedly selling the drugs to or where he was getting them from. It is not known if the man is currently in jail or if bail has been set or posted.

Clearly, anyone can become the subject of a drug crime investigation. When this type of situation arises, defendants may want to reach out to a lawyer promptly for help with a defense.

Source: Philly.com, “Scion of powerful Democratic family charged in drug probe,” Chris Palmer and Chris Brennan, March 15, 2015