Easton Man Charged with Possession with Intent, Other Offenses

In an effort to avoid drug charges, people in Philadelphia, and throughout Pennsylvania, may attempt to hide or discard potentially incriminating evidence. However, this may be seen as an effort to tamper with evidence or resist arrest. Consequently, it may only add to the potential charges they face, and hinder their drug crime defense.

Recently, a 27-year-old man from Easton was charged with possession with intent to deliver and tampering with evidence, among other offenses. According to reports, the man allegedly threw contraband that law enforcement officers had reportedly discovered while patting him down over a highway overpass. It was not disclosed why the authorities stopped the man, however, they purportedly noted the smell of marijuana while speaking with him outside of his vehicle.

Ultimately, the alleged illegal substances were recovered by a K-9 unit. The man was placed under arrest, although he reportedly struggled, for which he was charged with resisting arrest. The man allegedly had marijuana, heroin, and cocaine in his possession. However, it was not detailed how much of the substances law enforcement officers claim to have found on the man. The man was sent to prison after his arraignment, but it remains unknown to the public why he was denied bail.

Something as simple as a routine traffic stop may lead to serious criminal charges for people in Pennsylvania, and elsewhere. Those who are facing drug charges may be subject to potentially life-changing penalties. As such, people who have been charged with drug offenses, and other crimes, may benefit from obtaining legal representation. An attorney may advise them of their options, and help them to build a strong criminal defense.

Source: lehighvalleylive.com, “Driver tossed drugs off I-78 bridge during stop, police say,” Steve Novak, Dec. 5, 2015