How Security Camera Footage Can Impact Your Car Accident Claim

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January 21, 2024
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Security camera footage can play a significant role in getting you the money you need after a car accident. Video records of the crash can show critical evidence that a lawyer can use to prove how your accident occurred and who should pay compensation for your losses. The trick, however, is to know where to look for that footage and the steps to take to obtain it. A skilled car accident lawyer can handle those tasks on your behalf. Contact one today to learn more. 

Security Camera Accident Footage Is Increasingly Available

It was once the case that security camera footage of an accident was somewhat rare. You might have found it if your accident occurred near a large business or government facility. But even if a camera mounted on a wall or building exterior happened to be pointing in just the right direction to capture the crash, you would need to move lightning-quick to preserve the footage before someone recorded over the videotape it was stored on. 

Today, however, security camera footage of traffic accidents is increasingly available. There are several reasons why. Security cameras have become ever more affordable and easy to install in recent years. They are also smaller than their bulky predecessors and often include one or more lenses capable of capturing a 360-degree panorama rather than a narrow field of view.

Many of today’s security cameras also store video data in the cloud, where it can be easier to access and is stored indefinitely. And, perhaps most significantly, it is not just businesses that have security cameras pointed toward streets and sidewalks these days. The proliferation of Ring video doorbells and similar home security systems now means cameras are trained on residential roads just as often as on busy commercial thoroughfares. 

In short, more cameras with more storage aimed at more streets translate into greater chances that a camera saw what happened when you got into a car accident. And that can significantly benefit you in your car accident claim. 

How Car Accident Lawyers Can Use Car Accident Security Camera Footage

For car accident injury lawyers, security camera footage can be a goldmine. One central challenge for any attorney in a car accident claim is determining who has liability for their client’s injuries. Crash footage can assist in pinpointing the at-fault party better than just about any other evidence. Chances are good that you can draw some reasonably solid conclusions about what caused an accident and who should bear the blame for it if you have a digital video at your disposal to watch, zoom in on, and review in slow motion. 

Today’s knowledgeable car accident lawyers understand that one of their priorities after being hired to represent a crash victim is to canvass the accident scene to find any available security camera footage. And they do not stop when they find just one image source. In many urban and suburban areas, it is not unusual to find multiple cameras that capture some or all of a traffic accident.

Lawyers also know what to do to get their hands on that footage. Sometimes, the owner will voluntarily hand it over. But if not, a talented attorney knows the legal steps to take to preserve and secure the images either from the owner or (increasingly) the cloud-based security service and storage provider. 

A lawyer might then hand crash footage over to a forensic expert for review. Often, a mechanical engineer or accident reconstruction specialist can spot telltale clues in an accident video that the untrained eye might miss. Seasoned car accident lawyers regularly work with those sorts of experts to identify liable parties and build strong claims for damages.

Attorneys for accident victims also commonly leverage crash video to the maximum extent possible. It is increasingly common for lawyers to include video footage as an exhibit in court filings or insurance claims. When a car accident case ends up in a courtroom, skilled lawyers can also use clips to show the jury what happened and why the victim deserves maximum compensation from those at fault. 

Steps You Can Take to Benefit from Security Camera Accident Footage

If you or a loved one recently sustained injuries in a car accident, take these two simple steps to increase your chances of benefiting from security camera footage that captured what happened. 

Contact a Lawyer Immediately

The sooner you hire a lawyer to handle your claim, the better your odds of taking full advantage of any available security footage of your crash. A lawyer can immediately begin tracking down and obtaining crash video on your behalf, and making use of that imagery to get you fair compensation for your losses. 

Prompt hiring of a lawyer also helps to meet any legal deadlines applicable to your claim. These may include a statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit, a period for giving notice of your claim against a government party, or a window of opportunity to alert an insurance company to your losses. Missing deadlines can be costly. Getting a lawyer right away helps to ensure it does not happen. 

Scout for Cameras Yourself

You can also conduct your own search for security cameras at the site of your accident. Take note of the physical location and address of any that you spot. It is okay to try to speak with the owner about obtaining the footage, too, if you feel comfortable. Just be sure to ask them not to delete their original copy if possible, and contact a lawyer ASAP if they refuse. 

Contact a Talented Car Accident Lawyer at Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford, P.C., Today

Security camera accident footage is becoming more and more common. For car accident victims struggling with the costs and challenges of an injury, this is a positive development. Crash video can strengthen a car accident claim by proving who was at fault and illustrating why you deserve compensation. 

If you or someone you love recently sustained injuries in a car accident in Southeastern Pennsylvania, you may have the right to significant monetary damages. The skilled attorneys at Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford, P.C., can track down security camera footage of the accident and put it to use to get you the maximum compensation possible. Contact us online or call us at 215- 822-7575 today for a free case evaluation.

Legally reviewed by:
Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford P.C.
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January 21, 2024
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