How Your Cell Phone Can Be Your Worst Enemy

distracted driving accident lawyer colmar paDistracted Driving Accidents

Nowadays, most drivers get behind the wheel with their cell phone on them. However, when a driver decides to look at their cell phone, use an application, or make a call or text, this distraction can easily cause an accident that leads to injury to the parties involved. The ubiquitous nature of cell phones means that drivers are often tempted to frequently look at their phone while behind the wheel, even if they haven’t received a call or notification.

Unfortunately, when a cell phone distracts a driver, it can cause an accident when the driver fails to observe and react to an emergency situation or brings their attention back to the road too late to avoid an accident. A motor vehicle accident can cause property damage to the driver’s own vehicle, other vehicles, nearby objects, or can cause injury to the driver, occupants of other vehicles, or pedestrians.

The Prevalence of Cell Phones

Following the introduction of smartphones in the late 2000s, cell phones have gone from being used for occasional calls or texting to near-constant use, with the ability to access texting, social media, videos, music, and games. As a result, most individuals are never far from their cell phone and feel it perfectly acceptable to use their phone in various situations such as dinner, social gatherings and, most dangerously, behind the wheel.

How Cell Phones Contribute to Inattentive Driving

Even when a driver only takes a few seconds to look at his or her cell phone, he or she has become partially or fully unaware of what is happening around his or her vehicle and on the road. In these few seconds, numerous things can happen that would require any driver to take immediate action. For example, other drivers in front may have slowed down or stopped or changed into the lane, objects or animals may have appeared on the road, traffic lights may have changed or a pedestrian may be crossing the road. While an attentive driver would be able to immediately react to these circumstances, in the few seconds that a driver takes their focus off the road to look at his or her cell phone, his or her vehicle may have travelled hundreds of feet and he or she no longer has the space to safely react and avoid an accident.

The Consequences of Accidents Involving Cell Phones

When distracted driving due to a cell phone causes an accident, it can lead to dire consequences for all involved. Even when an inattentive driver merely suffers damage to his or her car, it can place the driver in a financially difficult position to have to pay for the cost of those repairs. Of course, many motor vehicle accidents caused by cell phones often have a human cost to them. A car accident can easily cause serious physical injury to the parties involved. When a distracted driving accident turns fatal, it deprives a family of their loved one, which may weigh heavily on the inattentive driver for the rest of his or her life.

If cell phone use causes an accident that results in property damage and/or physical injury, the damaged or injured parties may be entitled to assert a legal claim against the inattentive driver. Finally, use of a cell phone behind the wheel resulting in an accident can result in criminal charges against the inattentive drivers, which may result in fines, loss of driving privileges, or even prison time.

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