Ignition Interlock Laws in Pennsylvania

If you’re facing DUI charges, you may wonder what penalties you’re facing. Depending on whether you’ve had any previous drunk driving convictions in Pennsylvania, you may only face a fine, or you could end up with more serious consequences such as heavier fines and jail time. You may also end up with an order to install an ignition interlock device on your vehicle. The attorneys at Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford fully understand the laws surrounding first-time and subsequent DUIs in Pennsylvania, including ignition interlock laws.

What’s an ignition interlock device and when would you need one? This device is installed on a vehicle and, like a breath test, must be blown into. If the device registers alcohol on your breath, the vehicle won’t start. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, everyone in the state with a second or subsequent DUI offense must install an approved ignition interlock device on each vehicle they own, lease, or operate. This device must be in place for one year before you’d be allowed to apply for an unrestricted driver’s license.

If you operate an employer-owned vehicle for work, you might in some cases be allowed to have your boss complete an exemption form so you can drive a company car for work purposes without an interlock device. Because there are costs associated with interlock devices, it’s also possible to qualify for an economic hardship exemption to allow you to install the device on only one of your vehicles.