Injuries Arising from Pennsylvania Construction Accidents

Pennsylvania construction site safetyConstruction remains one of the most dangerous industries for employees despite efforts to improve on the field’s safety. When a worker is injured on the job, they can seek out compensation through workers’ compensation claims and/or personal injury lawsuits. These legal remedies give victims the ability to collect compensation for losses like lost wages and medical bills.

Legal Remedies for Construction Accidents

Workers’ Compensation benefits were designed to cover losses in the form of lost wages, medical treatment, disability and death benefits. This compensation can be collected even when your employer wasn’t negligent. Injured workers may also be eligible to seek compensation through personal injury lawsuits against other negligent parties.

While awards are specific in workers’ compensation claims, victims can pursue additional types of damages in personal injury lawsuits. Death benefits, disability, lost wages and medical bills are all covered by workers’ compensation claims or through personal injury lawsuits. Victims can also seek financial damages for pain and suffering, emotional distress and the loss of a normal life through a lawsuit. The value of these awards is highly dependent on the evidence you provide to prove your claims.

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