Injuries That Occur at a Business

In Pennsylvania and around the country, accidents will happen. If someone is injured on a business’s property, a lawsuit could be filed against the business owner. The business owner is responsible for keeping patrons, visitors, and employees safe. The business owner, whether renting or owning, is nearly always responsible for any injuries, such as a slip and fall, under what is called premises liability.

Premises liability takes many different forms besides slips and falls. An assault on someone by an employee, a dangerous substance contaminating a nearby property, or an injury caused by equipment or merchandise are some other forms of product liability. Any injury that could have been prevented by the owner is their responsibility. Landlords often put a clause in rental agreements that insures the tenants are responsible for any safety issue on the property.

Preventing a workplace injury requires the owner and the employees to constantly monitor the conditions around them. When an issue is noticed, such as a crumpled entryway mat or a spill, it must be addressed immediately to prevent injury. Employees need to know how to handle a dangerous situation, so it is important that they be trained in the policies and procedures to follow. If a situation occurs that can’t be immediately remedied, a noticeable sign should warn employees and customers of the danger, such as a wet floor sign.

In the event that an employee, patron or other visitor is injured on the grounds of a business, a personal injury attorney may be able to help them in filing a lawsuit. An attorney may be able to aid the person in receiving compensation for their injury, such as medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering.

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