Judge Gives Villanova Teen Second Chance After Drug Charges

A drug conviction often comes with serious charges that can impact a person for a lifetime. These penalties can be especially hard on young people in Philadelphia who have their whole lives ahead of them. However, it is possible for some to turn their lives around after being given another chance, even if drug trafficking charges still lead to a conviction.

A young man from Villanova was recently given such a chance by a judge who said he had a “bright future,” even though his drug charges resulted in a jail sentence. According to court documents, the 19-year-old was arrested after a search at his home revealed marijuana and $800 in alleged drug trafficking money. The teenager had pleaded guilty to five charges of drug distribution for his part in a drug ring that targeted wealthy Main Line prep schools. The ring allegedly supplied marijuana to high schools and colleges in the area.

During the sentencing, about 50 people showed up to offer the young man support. The boy’s father said that his son suffered from depression after losing a close friend and sustaining a shoulder injury. His Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor said that he was committed to helping other people become sober.

Ultimately, the young man received nine to 23 months in county jail and five years of probation, although he may be eligible for a work release program after three months. Although the conviction will most likely remain on his record for years after his punishment is complete, it’s possible that he can learn from this experience and make better choices in the future.