King of Prussia Car Accidents

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The time following a car accident can be chaotic, as you simultaneously struggle to regain control over your health and your finances. Unfortunately, the clock begins ticking on your right to recover compensation from the moment your car accident occurs—making it important that you take action in retaining an experienced car accident lawyer as soon as possible after the accident. The skilled team of car accident lawyers at Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford, P.C. has spent our 65-plus years’ of experience fighting for clients who have been injured in car accidents and have developed a reputation for exceptional legal services throughout King of Prussia and Pennsylvania. We understand what you are going through after an accident, and will fight for your right to recover fair compensation for your injuries.

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Major Causes of PA Car Accidents

In 2016 alone, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation reported over 350 traffic accidents per day—which means that one out of every 43 people were involved in a reportable car accident in a single year. This statistic is daunting, and most of these accidents likely could have been prevented but for the negligence of a third party. Major causes of car accidents in King of Prussia include:

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  • Driver distraction. Texting, adjusting the radio or temperature controls, grooming while driving and talking to a passenger in the car can all play a major role in causing a car accident.
  • Weather. Winter weather conditions in King of Prussia can create dangerous road conditions, which require all drivers to exercise a higher degree of caution when on the roadways. A driver’s failure to take weather conditions into account is a common cause of car accidents in the area.
  • Safety violations. Speeding is a major contributor to car accidents because it reduces the time the driver has to stop the vehicle to avoid a crash. Failure to obey traffic signs also commonly leads to accidents.
  • Drugs or alcohol. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is illegal and dangerous, and commonly leads to severe car accidents.
  • Road conditions. As with weather conditions, poorly maintained or marked roads or construction zones require drivers to use added caution. In some circumstances, a construction company or road maintenance workers can even be held responsible for negligently maintaining or marking the roadways.
  • Mechanical error. In some cases, a defective component in a vehicle can result in an accident and can justify a defective products claim against the vehicle manufacturer or designer.

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Regardless of the cause of your car accident, it is important to seek out medical treatment as soon as possible following the accident. The immediate attention of a trained physician can be a powerful element in proving that the car accident caused or exacerbated your injuries.

At Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford, P.C., our car accident lawyers have dedicated our careers to helping accident victims in King of Prussia and the surrounding communities, and know what it takes to successfully recover compensation for our clients.

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Remember, the evidence needed to support your right to recover compensation after a car accident is the most powerful and readily available immediately after your accident. Our dedicated team of personal injury lawyers can help evaluate your case regardless of how much time has passed, but it is important not to wait to talk to us once you begin to suspect that you may have a claim against a negligent third party.

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About King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

King of Prussia is located in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia, and had a population of about 19,936 as of the 2010 census. King of Prussia has been developing rapidly over the past years and is currently home to the King of Prussia shopping mall, which is one of the largest shopping centers in the United States. Originally, the town was named after the King of Prussia Inn, an 18th-century inn and tavern established in the area in 1719 by a Quaker family.

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Accidents

FAQ: What if dangerous road conditions were the cause of my accident? Where can I look to recover compensation?

If you believe your accident was caused by dangerous road conditions, such as uneven pavement, defective signs, improper intersection signals, negligent marking in construction zones or poor visibility on a curve, we can help investigate to determine whether a state or local agency, or even a construction company, may be responsible for the accident. If a private company, such as a shopping mall, was responsible for maintaining the roadway in the area, you may also have a claim for damages against that entity. Contact our experienced car accident lawyers for more individualized information in your case.

FAQ: What if my car accident was caused by another driver’s negligence while I was required to be driving for work?

In some cases, you may have both a claim for workers’ compensation and a claim against the negligent driver. As an employee, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits for work-related injuries but are then not entitled to pursue a lawsuit against your employer. This rule does not prevent you from seeking compensation from negligent third parties, however.