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In the past, you may have heard that obtaining an expungement for “graded” misdemeanor offenses in Lansdale was an extremely complicated and difficult process.  You may have even been told that you did not qualify for an expungement under Pennsylvania law even though decades may have passed since you completed your punishment.  Fortunately, under currently applicable law, this is not necessarily the case. Pennsylvania now operates under a two-tiered expungement system that essentially allows for both full expungement (destruction) of criminal records and a limited expungement option that applies in more serious cases, but can still help you clear your record and your name.

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The knowledgeable criminal defense lawyers at Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford P.C. are committed to remaining abreast of the latest developments in the law, and, as a result, we have the knowledge and skills necessary to help you understand your options for obtaining an expungement without the need to first petition for a pardon in some cases.  If you have a criminal conviction on your record and have grown tired of disclosing this conviction every time you apply for a job, housing or even a bank loan, call or contact us today for a free case evaluation to discuss the possibility of clearing your record. Our Lansdale expungement attorneys are here to help you move forward from past criminal convictions.

Examples of Criminal Offenses Eligible for Full and Limited Expungement

In general, you can obtain a full and permanent expungement of your criminal record in Lansdale if:

  • Your case was dismissed,
  • The charge was a summary offense and five years have passed with no subsequent criminal activity,
  • You have reached age 70 and have maintained a clean record for at least ten years following completion of your punishment,
  • You successfully completed the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) program and the crime was not a sex offense involving someone under age 18, or
  • At least three years have passed following death.

Because of the limited nature of these available circumstances, many who committed relatively minor crimes continued to be punished via the ongoing criminal record far into the future.  Pennsylvania has now changed the rules to allow limited expungement after ten years have passed for most nonviolent misdemeanor 2 and misdemeanor 3 crimes, and other nongraded offenses that carry a jail sentence of less than two years. 

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Some specific examples of criminal convictions that are eligible for limited expungement absent extenuating circumstances in Lansdale include:

  • Simple assault charged as a misdemeanor 3 offense,
  • Disorderly conduct,
  • Harassment,
  • Shoplifting or retail theft,
  • Possession of small amounts of marijuana,
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia,
  • Possession of controlled substances charged as misdemeanor 2 or misdemeanor 3 offenses,
  • Driving under the influence (DUI/DWI),
  • Resisting arrest,
  • Criminal and simple trespass.

Under the limited expungement law, your criminal record will continue to exist—but it won’t be generally accessible, and you won’t legally be required to disclose your conviction if asked by a potential landlord, educational institution or most employers.

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Our skilled expungement lawyers in Lansdale, PA will help you navigate the entire process of obtaining a traditional expungement and help you determine whether you may be eligible for a limited expungement even in the case of more serious misdemeanor crimes.  Your future is too important to risk going it alone in pursuing your claim for pardon, expungement and limited expungement under the complex system that now applies in Lansdale cases. We will:

  • Evaluate your options and identify the most appropriate path to expungement,
  • Identify and obtain all necessary documentation,
  • Prepare the correct petition for expungement,
  • Petition the court for pardon if necessary in your case,
  • Advocate for the advisability of granting expungement in your case.

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If you believe you are eligible for expungement under the traditional expungement law or new “Clean Slate” limited expungement law in Lansdale, our experienced lawyers are here to help guide you through the process and advocate for your right to a fresh start.  To schedule a free initial case evaluation to discuss your options, call our office or contact us online today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Expungements

FAQ: What can I do if I think I am eligible for expungement under the Pennsylvania laws?  

One important step that you can take is to ensure you’ve paid all relevant court fees and other monetary fines associated with your case—this is one often-overlooked area for individuals who have successfully completed incarceration or supervision.  You should also gather all documentation that is relevant to your prior conviction, including information about the court where your case was tried, the date that you successfully completed punishment and your current criminal record indicating that you have no arrests, charges or convictions during the relevant time frame.  Our lawyers can help you understand what documentation may be necessary based on the facts of your case and can help you obtain copies of any missing information.

FAQ: If I obtain a limited expungement, are there any potential employers who can see my criminal record?  

Yes.  If the employer is obligated to check your criminal record under federal law, that employer can still access a record sealed through the limited expungement process.  Further, some employers who must use FBI background checks because of the nature of the work involved can access your record. Despite this, even limited expungement protects exposure of your criminal record to most employers, landlords, and even educational institutions.