Legally Changing Your Name in Pennsylvania

legal name change pa By: Kirsten Balzer Miniscalco, Esquire

There are many reasons someone may desire to legally change their name – they are known to friends and family by a different name, they have bank accounts in a different name, they no longer have contact with the parent whose last name they share. Pennsylvania has a process through which one may legally change their name, however, there are specific requirements that must be completed.

A detailed Petition for Name Change must be completed, including the reason for changing one’s name, the new name, a list of residences for the past five years and a set fingerprints, which are obtained at the State Police. Once the Petition is properly filed, the notice of hearing must be published in two newspapers. This provides the public an opportunity to appear at the hearing and voice an objection. One must then attend the hearing and provide the Court with documentation showing publication was made.

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