Marijuana Found in the Car of a Pennsylvania Man

In Pennsylvania, possessing a controlled substance, like marijuana, is considered a crime. If the prosecutor can prove that there is clear evidence that shows the accused person is responsible of possession of drugs, they will be considered guilty. However, lack of proof that links the person’s identity to the source of the drugs may allow them to rid themselves of these charges.

Law enforcement officials found a man dribbling a basketball along a highway in Pennsylvania who smelled like marijuana and had a license plate poking out above the top of his shirt with a key in his possession. The man was charged with drug possession, abandoning a vehicle and unauthorized use of a vehicle after law enforcement officials traced the key back to a car located a few miles away from the man’s location. In the car, which did not have a license plate on it and was identified as belonging to a car dealership, law enforcement officials discovered marijuana. It is not known how the man accused of these charges was able to gain access to the vehicle’s key or why he left the site where the vehicle was located.

Drug possession is a severe crime associated with penalties like heavy fines and the requirement to spend time in prison. Typically, penalties vary depending on the quantity of the controlled substance discovered and the type of drug. Those facing the consequences of possessing marijuana or another controlled substance may benefit from consulting with an attorney who can work to mitigate the severity of the drug charges made against them.