Neglecting Car Maintenance May Cause Accidents in PA

Car MaintenanceNationwide statistics indicate that nine out of ten American households own at least one vehicle, and these cars are typically one of the most valuable assets an individual owns throughout his or her lifetime. In addition to the enormous cost of the vehicle itself, cars require extensive maintenance and repairs over the years. Recent research confirms that neglecting to perform necessary maintenance on your vehicle can increase the risk of being involved in an auto accident.

How Car Maintenance Prevents Accidents in Montgomery County, PA

It’s understandable to put off a routine oil change or issue temporarily until you have the money to cover the expense, but waiting too long to correct a problem can lead to bigger automobile problems. The five most important aspects of safe car operation are:

  1. Maintaining your tire traction.
  2. Maintaining your suspension and alignment.
  3. Maintaining your braking system.
  4. Maintaining your fluids.
  5. Maintaining the vision-related aspects of your car.

Neglecting these five key aspects significantly increases your risk of getting into a car accident in Pennsylvania. Malfunctioning brakes, defective tires, or vision issues can all have devastating consequences that far outweigh the smaller fee of maintaining your car.

Can an Experienced Norristown Personal Injury Attorney Help with Your PA Car Accident Claim?

When upkeep is ignored, Pennsylvania motorists are putting themselves, their passengers, and other drivers at risk. At times, courts may find a person’s failure to maintain their vehicle so excessive that it constitutes negligence. If this negligence resulted in a car accident and injuries, then the injured party is legally entitled to be fully financially compensated by the negligent party. After serving injured clients for over 65 years, the experienced personal injury attorneys at Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford P.C. in Southeastern Pennsylvania understand how to help you receive the maximum compensation you deserve. We assist car crash victims in Norristown, Colmar, Harleysville, Holland, Doylestown, New Britain, and throughout Montgomery County and Bucks County, PA. To learn more about our services, contact us at 215-822-7575.

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