OSHA Reaches Out to Employers to Promote Safety Training

Construction and oil and gas extraction represent two of the most dangerous industries in Pennsylvania and around the country. In an effort to educate workers about workplace hazards, the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has launched educational campaigns in partnership with other safety organizations. In previous years, millions of workers across the nation have participated in these events.

For each industry, OSHA assigns specific dates when employers are asked to pause work activities and review safety information. During the stand down, managers and workers take time to inspect their work sites for hazards. Employees spend time on additional safety training meant to reinforce their awareness of dangers and knowledge about protective gear.

The Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health said that the number of workers dying in the oil and gas industry has been growing. Additionally, the number of construction workers who die in falls continued to be too high. OSHA has identified falls as the top cause of death and serious injury among construction workers. The administration urged employers to take advantage of materials and instructions provided by OSHA about how to conduct a safety stand down.

Even in vigilant workplaces, on-the-job accidents still and do occur. A person injured at work would then have the right to make a claim for benefits under the employer’s workers’ compensation coverage. When a person needs help filing the claim or there are extenuating circumstances like the negligence of an employer or third party, a case evaluation by an attorney might be an appropriate step.