Pennsylvania Trucking Accident Widow Claims Wrongful Death

A fatal semi-truck accident occurred during the morning of Oct. 4, 2012 in Allentown, and the wife of the deceased is seeking damages of more than $75,000 in a wrongful death action. The lawsuit claims a negligent driver of a big rig caused her husband’s death. She also named the truck driver’s employers and the companies that contracted the driver’s work in the suit for failing to provide better training and supervision.

The woman’s husband was operating another tractor-trailer that had stopped on Morris Avenue in the eastbound lane. After turning on the rear lights of his rig, the man exited the cab and was standing on the passenger’s side of the vehicle. A few moments later, a semi-truck driven by the defendant came along and plowed into the left rear of the trailer. The impact caused the parked rig to heave forward approximately 50 feet and knock the driver to the ground. He died from injuries suffered in the crash.

The wife of the victim claims the driver who hit the trailer had taken his eyes away from the road to reach for a soda. When the driver returned his attention to the road, it was too late to avoid the accident. As part of the police investigation, it was determined that the defendant’s truck was free of any mechanical issues.

When a fatal truck accident occurs, there may be multiple defendants named in a civil lawsuit. The family of the deceased might seek guidance from a personal injury attorney who understands the state laws and could represent the plaintiff in court. It might also be helpful for victims of truck accidents and their families to seek counsel when negotiating insurance settlements.

Source: The Pennsylvania Record, “Wrongful death suit claims tractor trailer accident caused by distracted driver,” Jim Boyle, October 06, 2014