Pennsylvania Driver’s License Point System

As with most states, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) has a points system that gauges traffic violations. The points system is a cumulative one, and when you reach a certain threshold, your driving privileges may be revoked. Various offenses may result in points on your driving record, from failing to pay a traffic citation to situations where you might be at fault in a car accident. No matter the reason for the points on your license, a Pennsylvania traffic lawyer can help you contend with the ramifications of points on your driving record. Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford P.C. has a wealth of experience helping drivers avoid license suspensions and address the other penalties levied against them through the points system. 

When you are unsure how to address the points on your license or risk facing a license supension or revocation due to this system, sound legal guidance can be helpful. We are committed to helping you protect your driving privileges and help you through the legal process surrounding the Pennsylvania driver’s license point system. 

What Is the Pennsylvania Driver’s License Point System?

PennDOT maintains an individual record for all licensed Pennsylvania drivers. The points system allocates points to drivers when they are found guilty of various driving violations. The purpose of the system is to ensure that drivers operate their motor vehicles safely and help drivers improve their driving habits. 

PennDOT begins corrective action for drivers when they reach six points or more. The system breaks down as such: 

  • Six points or more (first time): Drivers are required to take and pass a special written exam within 30 days of points notification or face driver’s license suspension. Two points are removed from the driver’s record once they pass the exam. 
  • Six points or more (second time): Drivers are required to take and pass another road test and may have to contend with a 15-day license suspension (depending on the nature of the infraction). 
  • Six points or more (third time): Drivers will need to attend a PennDOT hearing to discuss the reason for the points and possible consequences moving forward. 

Drivers convicted of a speeding infraction of 31 miles per hour over the posted speed limit (or beyond) will also automatically have to attend a PennDOT hearing. This hearing will result in one of two actions: a 15-day driver’s license suspension or a special on-road examination. 

Once a driver reaches 11 points on their driving record, suspension of their driving privileges is automatic. The first suspension is five days for every point, the second suspension is ten days for each point, and the third suspension is 15 days per point. Any suspension levied after that for excessive points is one year. 

Three points are then removed for each 12-month period of safe driving, which means it can take quite some time to get the points off of your driving record. 

How to Know When You Need Legal Guidance with a PennDOT Points Issue

Sometimes, the system is not administered fairly. Perhaps you’ve received points on your driving record for an infraction you did not commit or because of some other administrative error. There are many violations for which you may be accused and the points can add up quickly. A qualified attorney may help you fight for the removal of the points or at least help minimize the punishments associated with those points already on your record. We can also represent your interests if you are summoned to a PennDOT hearing to defend your right to continue driving. 

The administrative component of the PennDOT system is complex, which is one of the reasons you need legal guidance to help you determine how to best address your specific circumstances. The implications of a long-term driver’s license suspension can be considerable. Your employment could be impacted as well as your ability to get around every day. Given the severity of any potential driver’s license suspension, you must work to resolve your case in your best interest. We can help with that endeavor. 

Get Assistance from a Qualified Pennsylvania Traffic Lawyer

Contact the traffic law experts at Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford P.C when you are contending with points on your driving record. We will help you address any disparities in your driving record and fight to retain or restore your driving privileges. Our success record is indicative of our commitment to helping our clients resolve their traffic cases to their complete satisfaction. 

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