Philadelphia Car Accident Tragically Kills Student

Victims of fatal car accidents are not always passengers or drivers of vehicles. Car wrecks can cause vehicles to leave the roadways and damage property or, worse, injure or kill pedestrians. Paying extra attention to blind spots and intersections, crosswalks and road signs, as well as speed limits in and around busy foot-trafficked areas can help prevent such tragedies.

Recently, a two-vehicle car accident in Philadelphia resulted in tragedy, and brought this sorrowing fact to light. A student was struck by a car, which had been hit by another car. The impact of the vehicle caused the 27-year-old victim to fall onto a lower roadway, according to a local news report.

There is some speculation by police that the driver, who is in the hospital with serious injuries, may have endured a medical emergency that could have ultimately caused the crash. Sadly, the victim of the pedestrian accident had just moved to Philadelphia for school a week prior.

While this tragic case is still under investigation, it is a sad example of how a car accident can have a rippling effect to those who are not even on the roadways. Victims and their families in such cases do have legal rights.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a car accident, it is a good idea to speak with an attorney who may be able to assist you with legal questions while you cope with more pressing issues and tend to your needs and those of your family.