The Right to Remain Silent in Pennsylvania Criminal Cases

Criminal Defense Attorney Souderton PAProtection against self-incrimination is imbedded into the Fifth Amendment of U.S. Constitution. Courts have extended the application of this important privilege through court rulings that make it necessary for law enforcement to inform a suspect about this right when being arrested or questioned. Pennsylvania citizens need to have a firm understanding of this right, when it applies, and when there are exceptions that require submission to questioning or tests. The best way to ensure this understanding is to speak with a highly qualified PA criminal defense attorney if you are being investigated for a crime or if you have been arrested and charged with a crime.

What Are Your Miranda Rights in Bucks County, Pennsylvania?

While the Fifth Amendment has always protected a citizen’s right to remain silent, a crucial court case from 1966 requires officers to explicitly state this right to individuals in police custody. This case, Miranda v. Arizona, prevents prosecutors from using a person’s silence to prove guilt, and it also stops suspects from falsely confessing or incriminating themselves due to a lack of understanding of their rights. If a police officer fails to inform a citizen about this right when the citizen is in police custody, the citizen may have a solid argument that the arresting officer committed a constitutional violation. Any information obtained illegally is likely to be inadmissible in the courtroom.

Exceptions to the Right to Remain Silent in Montgomery County, PA

When you’ve been accused of drinking and driving, your rights against self-incrimination are less black and white. Pennsylvania law requires motor vehicle operators to consent to blood alcohol tests, breath tests, or other sobriety tests. As a result, by driving your vehicle, you’ve already given implied consent to take these tests.

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