Sexual Assault Case Against Priest to Be Dropped

People who are accused of any form of criminal activity in Pennsylvania can often feel as though they have few options for a successful defense. This can be the case for those facing sex crime charges, drug charges or other such criminal charges. However, it is important to note that the defense process is a vital part of our nation’s judicial system and defendants do have rights and opportunities.

A 58-year old Catholic priest who was subjected to five different counts of criminal activities involving sexual misconduct with a child will no longer face such charges. The man was one of 27 priests suspended from duty in the spring of 2011 by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. The suspension was issued because of suspected misconduct involving children. Criminal charges were levied against the man in the summer of the following year.

Since then, two different juries heard the case in which the priest was accused of sexual assault against a boy who was 10 years old at the time. Both juries were instructed that they could base their decisions solely upon the testimony of the alleged victim who is now a 27-year old man. Neither jury found evidence sufficient to return a guilty verdict. After the second hung jury, prosecutors have decided not to pursue the case further.

Sex offenses involving children can include internet pornography, statutory rape and more. Being able to secure proper legal representation for a thorough criminal defense may help people facing these types of charges in Pennsylvania.

Source:, “After two hung juries, accused priest will not be retried,” Joseph Slobodzian, April 11, 2015