Teenager’s Severed Arm Reattached After a Workplace Accident

There is always something tragic about an on-the-job accident, no matter how minor the injury. It is hard not to feel a sense of injustice whenever people are injured while were working hard to make a living.

Philadelphia residents may have heard that a teenager recently suffered a traumatic on-the-job injury. The boy was cleaning a pasta machine at the restaurant where he worked when his arm was severed at the elbow by the machine. Fortunately, after a 10-hour surgery, doctors were able to successfully reattach the 17-year-old’s arm, and he is expected to be able to have some use of it in the future.

The boy’s doctors say that it is good that he is young and is still able to bend his elbow, both of which will be helpful in the healing process. This will also make it more likely that he will eventually re-grow the nerves that will allow him to feel some sensation in his fingers and hand.

Doctors believe that he may undergo additional surgeries.

Receiving adequate financial compensation when a workplace injury leads to surgery, or any expensive treatment, can be extremely important.

Additionally, those who have been injured while trying to earn a living know how much financial stress an injury it can add to a person’s life. Lost wages in addition to medical expenses can be very challenging for a person to endure.

It is a good idea to talk to a Philadelphia workplace accidents attorney to learn about all of your legal options, should you find yourself in an unfortunate situation.