Tips for Truck Drivers to Avoid Accidents With Smaller Vehicles

A truck driver’s job is to get from point A to point B. That sounds easy enough, but the truth is that being a commercial truck driver is a skill that requires extensive training and practice. Getting to their destination means being proactive about safety. A truck accident can potentially have devastating consequences for anyone in proximity to the truck. Driving a commercial truck is a huge responsibility, and it is essential that truck drivers do what they can to prevent accidents.

Truck accidents have devastating effects on passengers in smaller vehicles. More often than not, people in passenger vehicles suffer life-altering and life-threatening injuries leaving very few options except filing a claim against the at-fault party. However, in a truck accident, there is the possibility that one or more parties are liable for damages. The talented truck accident attorneys at Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford, P.C. can thoroughly investigate the accident and help you determine the best legal avenue for pursuing fair and maximum compensation. 

3 Tips for Truck Drivers to Help Them Prevent Accidents

Working as a truck driver carries a lot of responsibility. You are responsible not just for handling your cargo and meeting your company’s demands, but also for the lives of those around you. Commercial trucks are inherently dangerous because of their weight and size; sometimes, the cargo is also hazardous. That is a lot of weight to carry on your shoulders, but it is important to keep these responsibilities in mind to ensure that you and everyone else near your truck get home safely. 

1. Do Not Drive While Tired 

There are regulations in place that state truck drivers must get plenty of sleep to ensure they are alert while driving. However, sometimes companies will ask truck drivers to meet unreasonable standards that pressure them to drive even when they are tired and need rest. Furthermore, some truckers may push themselves to drive further because they need to complete as many loads as possible for their own financial needs. Regardless of the reason, driving when you are tired impairs your ability to drive as much as being under the influence can. 

2. Drive at the Legal Speed

Legal speed limits are not friendly suggestions. They are the maximum speed drivers can drive at to keep everyone on that part of the road safe. Most people know speeding is potentially dangerous but continue doing it anyway. It is always dangerous to speed, but truck drivers have to be especially vigilant about the speed limit. Trucks take considerably longer to brake fully, and a speeding trucker may find they do not have the space or time to brake to prevent an accident. Wanting to complete a job as quickly as possible or to meet an unrealistic expectation set by your boss is understandable. Still, it does not excuse the damage that can occur because of speeding while operating a commercial truck.

3. Always Know What You Are Hauling

Sometimes truckers can climb into their truck and start driving with only a vague idea of what they are transporting. However, not knowing what is in the back of your truck can be risky, especially if you get in an accident. If your cargo is flammable or toxic and you get in an accident, knowing how to contain and react to the potential danger is critical. You should know what your cargo is and plan your route with your safety and the safety of others in mind to ensure you complete your responsibilities and get to your destination safely.

Work With a Talented Truck Accident Lawyer 

Truck accidents are often devastating. Their large size and weight mean that their impact is just as heavy. This is why there are rules and regulations that truck companies and truck drivers must obey to keep everyone safe. Unfortunately, even with these laws in place, truck companies, truck drivers, truck part manufacturers, and others still fail to meet their legal standard of care, leading to severe accidents.

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