What to Do (and What to Avoid) After Being Arrested in Pennsylvania

What to Do (and What to Avoid) After Being Arrested in PennsylvaniaIf you are arrested in Pennsylvania, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of serving a lighter sentence or having your charges dropped entirely. However, there are also some things that could make matters worse for you.

In order for your criminal defense attorney to be able to build the strongest case for your defense, you will want to adhere to our list of dos and don’ts for anyone arrested in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. As always, if you’re in need of legal counsel, take advantage of our free consultation to discuss your case with one of our skilled attorneys.

Dos and Don’ts to Follow if You Have Been Arrested in Pennsylvania

A mark on your criminal record can have serious implications that can follow you for the rest of your life. Follow our list of the six most important dos and don’ts after getting arrested, and you’ll have a better chance of keeping your record squeaky clean.

DO NOT Speak with Law Enforcement without Your Attorney Present

If there is one piece of advice that criminal defense lawyers cannot stress enough, it is to take advantage of your Miranda rights. Exercising your right to remain silent after an arrest is often one of the most effective ways to prevent you from getting into even more trouble. You cannot talk your way out of an arrest, so always wait until you have a criminal defense attorney present to speak with law enforcement.

DO Be Honest with Your Criminal Defense Lawyer

Lawyers are bound by law to represent their clients to the best of their ability, and any conversations that take place between you and your attorney are strictly confidential. With that being said, your lawyer will not be able to build the strongest case for your defense if they do not know the whole story. Lying to your lawyer or withholding information from them will only end up hurting you in the end.

DO NOT Post About Your Case on Social Media or Discuss it with Friends

We know how enticing it may be to discuss your situation with your loved ones, but you must refrain from doing so. Speaking with your friends and family can not only cause rumors to spread but can also provide the police with more people to interview. Law enforcement will be watching all of your social media accounts, so never post anything online unless you have cleared it with your attorney first. The theme here is to keep your mouth shut, or you could risk providing evidence that could be used against you.

DO Remain Respectful

They say you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar, and that rings true for the criminal justice system as well. You are probably angry, and it may be tempting to argue with judges, juries, and law enforcement, but these people have incredible power, and they hold your future in your hands. Impressing them and remaining respectful can go a long way.

DO NOT Believe What the Police Say

Some people do not realize that it is perfectly legal for the police to lie to you and, in many cases, are trained to lie to suspects to try to get a confession. If law enforcement tells you a friend of yours snitched on you or that they have strong evidence against you like DNA or fingerprints, do not believe them and do not confess to anything.

DO Protect Yourself with an Experienced Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Attorney

The best thing you can do to protect yourself after being arrested in Pennsylvania is to hire a criminal defense attorney with experience representing individuals with cases like yours. At  Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford, our primary focus is to protect our clients’ rights and to help them secure the best possible outcome for their case. To partner with an attorney that has your interests in mind, call (215) 822-7575 or complete our contact form for a free consultation.