When Are Mechanics Responsible for Car Crashes in Pennsylvania?

Not all car crashes are caused by driver negligence or error. Sometimes car crashes point to a much larger underlying issue, like a mechanical failure. Mechanical failure can stem from the negligence of the car manufacturer, designer, driver, or mechanic.

Due to the complexity of these cases, it’s in your best interests to have an experienced car crash lawyer advise you on the best next steps. In the meantime, review the following information regarding the possibility that a mechanic may be liable for compensating your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, vehicle damages, and more.

Elements of Mechanical Failure in Car Crashes

The onset of mechanical failure is usually due to defects in material properties or handiwork. Whichever the case, mechanical failure often looks like faulty brakes, incorrectly inflated tires, broken tail or brake lights, steering and suspension issues, and damaged windshield wipers and defrosters. To prevent failure, drivers must see to regular vehicle maintenance and service, take initiative when issues arise, and adhere to issued recalls.

Even so, frequent inspections for your car cannot stop a mechanic from providing poor vehicle servicing or repairs. If this is the case, your car accident case might be the basis for a negligence claim if it resulted in injuries.

How Mechanics May Be Responsible for Car Crashes

Suppose you fulfill your duty as a driver and get your vehicle serviced at a local maintenance shop. Perhaps you mentioned that you need a tire realignment. Because the reason for your visit has to do with your tires, your mechanic is responsible for not only performing the job effectively but also determining if any supplementary issues may require intervention. For many of us, we count on mechanics to identify such problems and conduct high-quality repairs because it’s merely something we can’t do on our own.

When mechanics fail to carry out their duties as per professional automotive standards, the consequences of their conduct can result in potentially catastrophic outcomes for victims. To hold a mechanic or auto repair shop liable, you must establish the following elements:

  • The party owed a duty of care (based on the transaction taking place)
  • The party breached its duty of care
  • This breach is the direct cause of the accident
  • Damages and injuries occurred

Cases of Negligent Mechanic Works

When a repair is being made, mechanics may need to install, replace, fix, detach, or separate one or several connected car parts. Making the necessary adjustments requires an expert understanding of automotive equipment, tools, features, capacities, and functions. More importantly, mechanics must pay close attention to detail to perform adequate repair and service. This disregard can appear in the following:

  • Buying aftermarket parts
  • Inserting the wrong components
  • Installing defective replacement parts
  • Damaging another part during repairs
  • Making unnecessary repairs
  • Failing to discover apparent vehicle issues
  • Performing unlawful vehicle modifications
  • Letting unlicensed mechanics perform repairs

Pennsylvania Car Crash Lawyers Offer Custom Legal Solutions

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