Will My Car Accident Case Go to Trial in Montgomery County?

If you’re in a car accident in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, the road to recovery is not always a breeze. Those involved in car accidents tend to feel pain that reaches every aspect of their lives, from their careers and families to their hobbies and financial state. An accident that results in severe to catastrophic injuries becomes a part of you and your family’s lives, but it doesn’t define you, nor does it mean your life is over.

What it means is that you’re going to have to pursue monetary compensation from the at-fault party who caused your pain and suffering. Being appropriately compensated can help ensure that your medical bills, lost wages, and other injury-related losses are covered. So, how do you pursue compensation after a car accident? There are two ways: settle or take your case to court.

Settlement or Litigation: Which Method Will Benefit My Car Accident Case?

Settling means that a defendant or insurance company establishes a mutual agreement with a plaintiff on a sufficient compensation value. On the other hand, litigation means that no agreement was reached between the parties, so the plaintiff must bring a lawsuit against the defendant to obtain compensation.

Once the defendant makes a settlement offer, the plaintiff may accept the offer by signing a release that renounces their ability to sue the defendant. Often, the initial proposed settlement is far too low to compensate a plaintiff for their current and future losses, which is why most settlement negotiations are usually never resolved on the first attempt. When negotiations are unsuccessful, the plaintiff may resort to taking civil action through a personal injury lawsuit to receive a higher payout.

An experienced Montgomery County personal injury attorney can help negotiate your claim and identify a proper settlement amount to ensure that you are fully compensated. Ultimately, whether through settlement or litigation, what’s best for your case often resorts to getting the highest amount of compensation possible.

Why Is Settlement Favored?

Most people with personal injury claims settle their cases. This is because it’s generally more efficient and less stressful for both parties to resolve the dispute and move forward with their lives. Plus, litigation can be overwhelming and intimidating for those who have never experienced it. Other advantages of settling a personal injury case include:

  • Less pressure
  • Foreseeability
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Quicker payout
  • Privacy

While settlement is generally favorable, that doesn’t mean you should accept an offer that does not cover all the costs of your accident. Speak to a Montgomery County personal injury attorney about valuing your total damages to generate an informed approximation of what your case is worth. Find an attorney who knows what it takes to win—one who will prepare each case as if it will go to court.

Learn More About Your Case With Montgomery County Car Accident Attorneys

For over 65 years, the attorneys at Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford, P.C., have helped injured members of the Southeastern Pennsylvania community recover millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts. Our attorneys will do their very best to settle your case outside of court, but if necessary, we won’t hesitate to pursue legal action. Not only do we have in-depth knowledge of how the personal injury system works, but we thoroughly understand the tactics that defendants and insurance companies employ to deny or limit your monetary benefits.

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