Woman Charged with Forgery After Allegedly Cashing Fake Check

Any number of factors may lead to someone cashing, or attempting to cash, a fake check. Doing so, however, could lead to serious criminal charges, including forgery. Since it is considered a serious offense in Philadelphia, and elsewhere, people could face potentially severe penalties if convicted of forgery, or some other white collar crime.

According to reports, a New Jersey woman was recently accused of cashing a counterfeit check at a credit union. An investigator for the U.S. Postal Service reportedly alerted authorities to the check, initiating an investigation. Reports did not indicate, however, how the postal service investigator became involved. While it was reported that the check was in the amount of $2,463.21, no further information about the check, such as the name on the allegedly fake account, was disclosed.

News sources reported that a warrant was issued for the woman after the investigation found she had cashed the check. She has been charged with forgery. The woman was taken into custody and transferred to the Hunterdon County Jail from the Salem County Correctional Facility, where she served time on unrelated charges. Her bail has been set at $20,000.

As is the case with other criminal offenses, people could face lasting consequences if they are convicted of forgery, or other white collar crimes. This includes impacting their employment opportunities, even after they have served their time. Therefore, it may be of benefit of those facing criminal charges to obtain legal representation. An attorney may explain their questions and answer any questions they might have, as well as help them to establish a strong criminal defense.

Source: NJ.com, “$2,463 counterfeit check spurs forgery charge, say cops,” Sept. 18, 2015