How Does a DUI Conviction Affect Your College Career?

College can be an incredible opportunity for young people to experiment, learn new things, and make mistakes. However, when it comes to a conviction for driving under the influence, schools won’t take this lightly. If you’re facing a DUI conviction, the consequences can have a ripple effect that touches nearly every facet of life, especially if you’re still in college. That’s why it’s so important for those who’ve been arrested for DUI to hire an expert defense lawyer who can help them evade the consequences associated with a conviction.

The likelihood that college students with vehicles will drive under the influence is perhaps higher than any other group due to peer pressure, still-developing intellect, and the abundant availability of alcohol. With that in mind, those charged with DUI may be worried about how a conviction could affect their college career. Here’s what you need to know.

The Consequences College Students May Face after a Pennsylvania DUI

Even with college out of the picture, the consequences associated with a DUI conviction could take a toll on your mental health, social life, finances, and career. That’s not to mention the potential for court appearances, fines, a suspension of your license, and even jail time. Driving under the influence is a significant criminal offense that not only involves challenging statutory consequences but also a criminal record, which can limit a person’s ability to find employment, attain child custody, immigrate, and regain their driving privileges.

On top of these challenges, college students who are convicted of DUI may face school-related penalties. This includes the following:

Expulsion or Suspension

When you’re facing any kind of legal trouble outside of the classroom, you’re in jeopardy of breaking the school’s code of conduct that you agreed to prior to attending. The penalties associated with an infraction will likely depend on the crime’s severity. For DUI, it’s not uncommon to face suspension or expulsion from the university.

A Loss of Financial Aid

While you may not lose federal loans or grants because of a DUI conviction, a DUI may affect other funding sources. For instance, school organizations and private foundations may pull scholarships from students convicted of a crime. Moreover, the school may revoke your right to student housing or your ability to play on athletic teams, which could affect athletic scholarships.

Missing Out on Future Academic Opportunities

Even if your college doesn’t take disciplinary action against you, a DUI conviction may be a barricade to your future academic career. For example, if you plan to apply for graduate school, they may perform a background check. If they see a DUI conviction, they may reject the application.

Disqualification From Forthcoming Job Prospects

A DUI conviction rarely looks stellar to prospective employers. A conviction can lead to questions about a job applicant’s judgment, character, and risk threshold. Potential employers may choose a candidate with a clean background over someone with a DUI in a tight job market.

Fortunately, if you’re a college student who’s been arrested for driving under the influence, there’s hope that you may be able to evade any statutory and school-related penalties. Contact a knowledgeable Montgomery County DUI defense lawyer as soon as possible for help protecting your rights.

Contact a Seasoned DUI Defense Lawyer in Montgomery County

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