Man Attempts to Grab Trooper’s Firearm After DUI Arrest

Getting arrested for drunk driving can be a frustrating situation due to the consequences associated with this crime. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, upon a first offense, those arrested for drunk driving may be required to pay a $300 fine, participate in a year of probation and attend alcohol safety school. For every additional DUI arrest, the penalties increase. For example, after two or more DUIs, drunk drivers may be charged with anywhere from 10 days to two years in prison, the requirement to pay a fine worth several thousand dollars and may have to use an ignition interlock device in their vehicle for a year.

After getting pulled over for drunk driving, a man in Pennsylvania tried to wrap the seatbelt in the arresting official’s vehicle around his neck on the way to the hospital. When the law enforcement official tried to stop him, he proceeded to reach for the official’s gun. To do this, he allegedly hit the official using his head. Although it is not know if the man currently faces DUI charges, he was put in jail and is facing penalties for assault. The man remained in jail for several days following the arrest and is scheduled to attend a preliminary hearing.

Attempting to fight with a law enforcement official or use tactics to try and avoid arrest may only lead to additional and elevated penalties. Those who are facing the consequences of driving intoxicated may benefit from consulting with an attorney who can devise a strong defense against these charges and work to mitigate the penalties of this offense.