Pennsylvania Water Rescue President Embezzles Thousands

Unpaid debts, large medical bills, mortgage payments and the other expenses of daily life may make it tempting to steal funds from a business or an organization. However, in Pennsylvania, embezzlement is a crime associated with serious consequences, like fines and prison time, due to the negative effect it can have on an organization. In some cases, organizations may struggle financially to maintain their operations after money has been stolen by another member of their team.

Last year, it was discovered that funds were missing from the Pennsylvania Water Rescue. The absent money, which was eventually traced back to the ex-president of the organization, caused the organization financial instability. Although it is not known what the suspect did with the money he took, he was able to take thousands of dollars earned from fundraisers and the bank accounts of members. Recently, the former president admitted to embezzling funds and was ordered to pay back the full amount that he stole. In addition to this penalty, the man’s wife was unable to take a promotion as fire chief even though she admittedly was unaware of what was going on and was not in charge of the organization’s financial reports.

In embezzlement cases, defendants must be able to prove that they intentionally failed to perform their agreed-upon duties and treated the organization’s property as their own. Those who are accused of embezzling funds may benefit from working with an attorney who can develop a strong defense case against these allegations and potentially mitigate the consequences of the offense.

Source:, “Ex-President of Pennsylvania Water Rescue pleads guilty to embezzlement,” Tom Shortell, June 20, 2014