What to Expect from a DUI Charge

Getting charged with a DUI can be devastating. Whether it is your first DUI charge or not, you will want to know what penalties you might be facing ahead of time so that you can better prepare yourself for your court case. Here at Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford, we understand that you want to minimize the impact that your DUI may have on your life. We strive to provide you with information that can help.

The first thing to be aware of is the fact that your DUI penalties will be dependent on frequency and severity. For example, if this is your first DUI, you will likely face less severe fines or potential jail time. Likewise, if you blow a lower percentage on your breath analysis test, you could be facing a less harsh penalty. However, if you were very high over the legal BAC limit, or if this is not your first offense, the charges that are levied against you can result in a much higher potential penalty.

If it is your first offense, you may be able to get off with the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition first-offender program. Successful completion of this program could wipe your record clean of any criminal history. Even if this is not your first offense, you can still potentially have your case resolved without additional penalty. The penalties will depend on the severity of your charges, but if your charges can be disproven, you may be able to walk free.