Car Hit a Pennsylvania Bus Head-On, Injuring 4

Video footage from a public transportation bus will be evaluated for clues to the cause of a head-on collision with a passenger vehicle on the morning of May 1 in Pittsburgh. The driver of the passenger vehicle, the bus driver and two bus passengers suffered injuries, according to officials.

Investigative reports say that a car had been traveling on Penn Avenue, heading in the opposite direction as the bus. The car apparently crossed over the centerline and hit the oncoming bus head-on. The bus driver and the person operating the car were transported to UPMC Presbyterian Hospital, the nearest trauma center, for treatment. The bus passengers seemed to have been less-seriously injured and were transported to a different hospital than the drivers. Investigators hope to gain additional information from statements from people who witnessed the incident.

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Source: LancasterOnline, “Transit bus driver, 2 passengers hurt in crash with car”, The Associated Press, May 1, 2015