Miranda Rights Explained

Miranda Rights ExplainedMost of us have heard about Miranda Rights, but very few know and understand just how important they are for every person who is interrogated by the police.

What are Miranda Rights?

If you’ve ever watched a television show or movie about crime, then you’ve likely heard the phrase “you have the right to remain silent,” followed by a listing out of different rights of the accused. This explicit statement, which should be read to every person who is taken into police custody for an interrogation, is called the Miranda Warning. While individuals don’t have to be read their rights before being arrested, they do have to be informed of them before any interrogation occurs.

A listing out of these rights is important because evidence obtained during an interrogation with a person who has not been read their Miranda Rights can be thrown out of court. A common criminal defense strategy involves arguing that the accused was never informed of their right to an attorney or right to remain silent. The US Supreme Court has laid out a clear precedent for this.

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