Pittsburgh Newspaper Delivery Man Injured on Ice

Newspaper DeliveryRecently, a newspaper delivery man was injured when he slipped and fell while performing his work duties in Pittsburgh, PA. A customer had requested the newspaper’s delivery, and the newspaper delivery man was injured upon fulfilling this request. The newspaper delivery man argues that the customer’s walkway and property was dangerous. Uncleared snow and ice was present along the stairs, porch, and walkway. Despite this, the customer requested an early morning delivery of the newspaper. The delivery man is arguing that the customer knowingly put him in harm’s way by failing to keep his property free of snow and ice.

Slip on Ice Causes Injuries to Pittsburgh Delivery Man

While attempting to deliver the paper, the delivery man slipped on the ice. He suffered a displaced bimalleolar fracture in his ankle, a broken fibia, and a broken tibia. The victim had to undergo surgery for his ankle, but he continues to suffer with numbness in his ankle and lower right leg. Medical experts believe that the numbness could potentially be permanent for the delivery man. In addition, he will have permanent scarring, difficulty bearing his full weight on his right leg, and an inability to flex. According to the delivery man, these devastating injuries have caused pain, suffering, embarrassment, and humiliation. The delivery man hasn’t declared an inability to return to work, but it’s possible that the injuries he sustained could affect his future as a newspaper deliveryman.

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