Personal Injury Attorneys in Bucks County, Pennsylvania

A personal injury can have a devastating impact on your entire life, from your health to your ability to support yourself and earn a living. Overcoming a personal injury accident requires the help of legal counsel that understands how to effectively use every possible resource to help you win. When looking for Bucks County personal injury accident attorneys that are tough and capable, look no further than the team at Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford P.C. 

No matter the circumstances of your injury, we will work with you towards the best possible outcome. We help with various personal injury accident types, from dog bites to car accidents. Our experience has helped countless numbers of clients to win their cases and the settlements they deserve. 

Common Types of Personal Injury Accident Cases

As top Bucks County personal injury accident lawyers, we have helped with various case types in this practice area. While we handle personal injury cases more frequently than others, we ensure that every client receives the attention and respect they deserve to ensure the best outcome. Some of the more common personal injury accident case types on which we have worked include: 

Our extensive personal injury background allows us to effectively fight for the settlement you deserve to get your life back on track after such a devastating turn of events. We pursue every possible legal strategy to help you win, an aggressive approach that has resulted in victories for our clients. 

Types of Damages Available in Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury cases can vary greatly depending on the circumstances and facts of each incident. This means that the damages qualifying for compensation in your lawsuit will be different from most others. However, the most common damages that are eligible for payment include the following:

  • Medical expenses, including
    • Ambulance use
    • Visiting medical facilities
    • Physical or occupational therapies
    • Mental health services
    • Future medical treatment
  • Wrongful death
  • Loss of consortium or companionship
  • Reduction in wage-earning potential
  • Wage loss
  • Property damages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

Other losses may qualify for compensation, but we recommend you work with a personal injury lawyer for assistance. Your attorney can help identify eligible damages, estimate the overall compensatory value of your claims, and increase the worth of your case in some instances. The personal injury lawyers from Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford P.C. would be happy to provide valuable support.

Why You Need a Bucks County Personal Injury Accident Attorney

A lack of legal representation after a personal injury accident leaves you vulnerable to predatory situations that may result in an outcome you do not want. For instance, some insurance companies will pressure you to accept a quick settlement after a personal injury accident, totaling much less than what you should receive after the incident. Insurance companies may sense your desperation and anxiety after a personal injury accident, capitalizing on it by offering a pittance of what you should receive for your injuries. 

They may try to get you to sign papers or offer a recorded statement that would threaten any future settlement options you might have with the help of a reputable Bucks County personal injury lawyer. We are here to stop that from happening. This is one of the reasons that you should reach out to a Bucks County personal injury accident attorney as soon as possible following the incident in question. 

What to Expect When Filing a Bucks County Personal Injury Accident Claim

We will provide a clear idea of what to expect during our initial consultation. The first step is a comprehensive case review when you prepare to file a Bucks County personal injury accident claim. We will discuss the particulars of the incident with you to ensure that we are all on the same page regarding how your case will proceed. We will then determine the best possible legal strategy to increase your chances of winning. Our compassionate legal team will work closely with you to get as many details about the incident as possible before moving forward. 

Our proactive group of attorneys will ensure that you receive the necessary medical care for your injury, even if you think you do not need it. Sometimes, injuries may not manifest until after the fact, which is why getting checked out at a local medical facility is imperative to the future of your health and to your chances of winning damages from your claim. You have the right to pursue compensation for your injuries as well as any medical expenses and lost wages you may have suffered after the accident. 

We work closely with accident reconstructionists, vocational specialists, economists and more to ensure that we set up your case for an ideal outcome. We pursue any evidence associated with the incident to prove your case. This all-encompassing approach has proven successful for clients in the past and may be the case for your circumstances as well. 

Steps You Can Take Following an Accident

If you have been in an accident or another situation resulting in serious bodily harm, you may not know what steps to take next. Especially if you want to prioritize your healing and recovery and stabilize your finances, our suggestions can help you plan which strategies you can utilize to your benefit and increase the compensation you can collect.

Connect With a Lawyer

One of the most robust and helpful ways to improve your odds of recovery is to work with a Bucks County personal injury lawyer. A personal injury lawyer can boost your probability of winning fair compensation for your losses, organize arguments and evidence, speak on your behalf, refer you to medical professionals, and communicate with insurance companies. Your attorney can also help you strategize decisive next steps more highly tailored to your particular circumstances and needs.

We encourage you to refrain from representing yourself during your personal injury claims.  Only a capable attorney can secure the fair value of your case and shape how the court perceives your needs. Your lawyer can represent you fairly and positively, while self-representation can be extremely risky and lead to less-than-ideal results. Do not hesitate to connect with a personal injury lawyer from Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford P.C., for help with your case.

Seek Medical Attention

As soon as possible, we strongly encourage you to seek medical attention for any of your injuries. Working with a provider can help you understand the severity of your circumstances, identify latent injuries, establish a treatment plan, and receive referrals to other necessary medical professionals. Some doctors may refuse to serve victims of car accidents and other matters involving court scenarios, but your personal injury lawyer in Bucks County can help you navigate the recovery process.

Your health and well-being are incredibly important, and visiting a doctor can be helpful during your legal matters. Doctor’s notes, medical bills, and other documentation can serve as valuable evidence to your case. The court is also likely to perceive the prioritization of your recovery very positively, improving your odds of receiving adequate compensation.

Avoid Discussing Your Legal Matters

We encourage you to avoid speaking about your legal situation whenever possible, including with close friends and family members. Any information you share with others may be used against you during court proceedings and meetings, even if this is no one’s intention.

Our team also recommends you avoid using social media during your legal matters. This can be accomplished by logging out of and deactivating your accounts, as it can reduce your ability and temptation to post. Any comments, photos, videos, or text posts can also be used against you during this challenging time. Please speak with your Bucks County personal injury lawyer for guidance if you need help navigating what you should and should not communicate.

Organize Any Evidence and Information

Try to keep track of any documents and evidence you already have pertaining to your legal matters. This may include medical bills, doctor’s notes, receipts from product damage repair, pay stubs, communication threads, and anything else that feels relevant. Evidence and information can make it much easier for your lawyer to make positive progress and decisions on your behalf.

Do not worry about going out of your way to collect other information, as your attorney can help organize or join investigations, compile and track down evidence, assess items for valuable data, and much more.

Consult with Bucks County Personal Injury Accident Lawyers for a Full Range of Legal Options

When you need compassionate and knowledgeable Bucks County personal injury accident attorneys that you can count on to advocate for you vigorously, Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford P.C. is your best option. For more than 65 years, we have been helping Pennsylvania residents to navigate the legal system to resolve their personal injury accident claims successfully. We have decades of case successes and the necessary resources to resolve your case to your satisfaction. 

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