Pennsylvania Changing Sex Offender Requirements

Sex crimes can be some of the most high-profile criminal matters in the media. Countless news stories will appear on the internet and television that make it seem like the person accused of the crimes is guilty before a trial ever happens.

States have very severe penalties in place for those convicted of a sex offense, and Pennsylvania is no exception. Most will carry extensive prison sentences, and also require the offender to register as a sex offender after being released.

Pennsylvania has recently passed laws that enhance the number of crimes that mandate registration as a sex offender, attempting to bring the state into compliance with federal requirements. The new laws go into effect in late December, and make things much more difficult for those who have been convicted.

There are different requirements in place, depending upon what charges are brought against the offender. Some may require registration for 15 or 25 years, while others may require registration for life.

Some people may not realize the scope of information that is included in process. In addition to the basic requirements like name, address, employer and driver’s license information, the state will also ask for additional information from those convicted. Offenders will need to supply the state with usernames for any social media websites that they use, as well as email and internet service provider addresses.

This will be in a database that can be searched by the public, along with information regarding the crimes that have been committed. Officials can use this to keep track of the offenders whenever and wherever they move to ensure that no further crimes will be committed.

If you have been charged with a sex crime, you need to take the matter seriously. Prosecutors will be aggressive in seeking sentences that come with substantial prison time. Simply pleading guilty to the charges will not make the case go away – there will be a lifetime of consequences to a conviction.

Speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney in your area to understand the options that are available for your situation. Every case is different, and it will be extremely important to know what can be done to present a strong defense.