Drug Crimes Defense Attorneys in Bucks County

It has been reported that there are over one million arrests made for drug-related crimes in the United States each year. Being accused of a drug crime can ruin your life. Whether you were caught with marijuana in your car or selling prescription drugs, drug crimes are serious with even more severe penalties that will follow if you are convicted. If you have been arrested for a drug crime in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, it is urgent that you contact a drug crimes defense lawyer as soon as possible. 

Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford, P.C. is a criminal defense law firm with counsel who together have over 65 years of experience helping clients in Southeastern Pennsylvania. When a person is accused of a drug crime, their life can be turned upside down quickly. That is why our knowledgeable attorneys work hard to help build a case to help our clients pursue the second chance they deserve. Our legal team makes sure that every step of the process is clear by being fully transparent when providing the trusted legal counsel our clients deserve. Regardless of the nature of the drug crime you have been accused of, our criminal defense lawyers will do everything we can to minimize the charges against you and restore your rights. 

What Are Common Drug Crime Arrests in Bucks County?

The Pennsylvania state legislature has stringent laws concerning drug crimes. When a person is accused of a drug crime, they will face strict punishments often in the form of jail or prison sentences. Some common drug crime arrests in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, are:

  • Drug Possession: If you are not under suspicion of manufacturing, selling, or distributing drugs but are believed to have been in possession of the substance for personal use, then you may be charged with this crime. 
  • Drug Trafficking: This crime does not always entail selling the drugs, you may still be charged with drug trafficking if you are found in possession of a large amount of the drug that law enforcement assumes is not for personal use. 
  • Possession With Intent to Distribute: A person suspected of being in possession of drugs with the intent to distribute could face up to 15 years in prison. 
  • Fraudulently Obtaining Controlled Substances: Often referred to as doctor shopping or prescription fraud, it is illegal to obtain controlled substances such as pain pills under fraudulent circumstances
  • Distribution or Sale of Controlled Substances or Illegal Drugs: If you are suspected of selling controlled substances or illegal drugs you may be facing a felony charge with severe penalties.
  • Possession of Marijuana: While there are many states that have legalized marijuana in one way or another, it is still illegal to be in possession of marijuana in Pennsylvania unless you have a state-issued medical marijuana card. 

Being accused of a drug crime can have life-altering effects on your life. It is crucial that you contact a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible to avoid serious penalties and possibly get your charges minimized. 

What Are the Consequences of a Drug Conviction?

The consequences that you may face if convicted of a drug crime may vary depending on the type of drug involved, what type of crime you were charged with, and what your criminal record is. Whether you are charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, the consequences and penalties you face may include:

  • Fines
  • Probation period
  • Jail time
  • Prison time
  • Revocation of your professional license
  • Loss of employment
  • Difficulty finding employment
  • Financial problems
  • Deployment
  • Damaged reputation with friends and family

To help keep these penalties from affecting your life, a criminal defense lawyer may be able to help you build a strong claim to preserve your rights and fight for a second chance. 

Get Help from a Bucks County Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer

If you have been accused of a drug crime, you may be facing severe penalties like strict probation or extensive prison time. In order to defend your rights and minimize your charges, contact a Bucks County drug crimes defense lawyer as soon as possible. 

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