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Today, most divorces in Harleysville are filed under Pennsylvania’s “no-fault” divorce statute, under which the parties state to the court that their marriage has “irretrievably” broken down. However, agreeing to divorce is just the first step for a couple to obtain a divorce. Unfortunately, even a couple who has decided to amicably divorce can quickly find themselves in a contentious situation when they begin settling difficult issues such as dividing assets, determining alimony and child support, or deciding upon a child custody arrangement. 

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Harleysville family law attorneys of Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford, P.C. understand the important nature of the issues that arise during a divorce. We also know it can be extremely difficult to reach an agreement when your family, finances, and future are at stake. We strive to provide each client with compassionate and experienced legal representation in the resolution of their divorce in Harleysville, PA. Our divorce attorneys in Harleysville understand that divorce is a difficult process for every individual, which is why we provide personalized, dedicated attention to you throughout the process. We take the time to understand what is most important to you and your goals for each of the issues that may arise in your divorce. We will vigorously fight to get you the most beneficial outcomes for you in your divorce proceeding.

Issues Arising in Divorce Matters

Divorce requires the division of marital assets and liabilities. In many cases, it also involves determining an amount of financial support that one spouse will pay the other. Finally, it may also involve determining custody of children and an amount of financial support that one parent may pay to the other for the benefit of the children. 

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The process of a divorce in Harleysville, PA generally involves the following steps:

  • Filing a complaint: The complaint legally begins the divorce proceedings which one spouse files with the court.
  • Serving process: The spouse who filed the divorce complaint must serve the complaint and other necessary court papers on the other spouse within a certain time frame set by court rules. The filing spouse must then provide proof of service to the court.
  • Requesting temporary orders: One spouse may request spousal support during the pendency of the divorce. If the couple has children, they or the court will also need to determine a custody arrangement and provide for child support.
  • Negotiating a marital settlement agreement: Ideally, the spouses will be able to reach an agreement on the outstanding issues of their divorce, including division of the marital estate, alimony, child custody and support. Their agreement will be finalized in a marital settlement agreement to be signed by both parties.
  • Attending court hearings or trial to resolve outstanding issues: If the parties cannot reach an agreement on any issues, the court will hold hearings to make a determination for the parties. If the divorce is an “at-fault” divorce, the court will also hold a trial to determine whether the alleged grounds for divorce exist.
  • Finalizing the divorce: Lastly, the court will issue a decree finalizing the divorce. The court will incorporate the spouses’ marital settlement agreement, if any, along with the determination on any outstanding issues made by the court itself.

It is important to remember that a divorce is not final until the court issues a divorce decree; until then, you are still legally married to your spouse. Need an experienced divorce attorney? Contact our top-rated divorce attorneys in Harleysville for legal representation. We will fight for your rights!

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In most cases, you must observe certain waiting periods before filing or proceeding with a divorce under Pennsylvania law, even if both parties consent to the divorce. Harleysville divorce lawyers of Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford P.C. are dedicated to ensuring that our clients’ rights and interests are vigorously protected. As a comprehensive law firm, we will provide you with the resources and support you need to successfully complete the divorce process so that you can more easily move on with your life.

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If you are contemplating or facing a divorce proceeding, you likely have many questions about your and your family’s future. Contact the dedicated and experienced divorce attorneys in Harleysville today to schedule a free consultation.  Our knowledgeable attorneys will answer your questions and explain your legal rights and options. We can be reached by phone at 215-822-7575 or by submitting a message through our “Contact Us” page; one of our legal team will respond promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Divorces

FAQ: Once I file for divorce, how long will it take before the court issues the divorce decree?

The length of a divorce proceeding depends on numerous factors. If a couple consents to a divorce, has no assets to divide or reach agreements on all outstanding issues, a divorce can go from complaint to decree in as little as four months. Otherwise, it is very difficult to determine how long a divorce proceeding may take. In some cases, a couple must observe a one-year period of separation if the parties do not consent to the divorce. Other factors can increase the length of divorce proceedings, including the ability of the spouses to reach an agreement and the complexity of their assets. When parties cannot reach an agreement, they must turn to the courts to resolve their disputes and then they are subject to the timelines and schedules.

FAQ: What do I do if I’ve been served with divorce papers?

If you’ve been served with divorce papers, you should immediately contact our experienced divorce attorneys to schedule a consultation to discuss your legal rights and options. For example, you may be entitled to receive financial support from your spouse during your separation and divorce proceedings (or you may be required to make such payments). In our experience, when one spouse surprises the other with divorce papers, it often means they have been contemplating divorce for some time. We can help you determine whether your spouse has been taking steps to hide assets or otherwise give themselves an advantage in the divorce proceeding.  We will fight to ensure that your rights and interests are protected.