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Every parent who maintains parental rights is required to financially support his or her children under Pennsylvania law until each child reaches age 18 regardless of the marital status of the parents. Although complicated formulas and computer-generated models exist for predicting required child support payments, in reality, the process can be much more fact-intensive and vary based upon the particular family involved. Even once the initial numbers are reached in a child support case, complications often arise in enforcing the child support order and when a need to modify the agreement arises.

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A child’s needs can never be anticipated with any exact precision, and child support matters frequently create conflicts that can lead to the need for legal assistance. At Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford P.C., our experienced North Wales child support lawyers are here to help with any issues that may arise in reaching an acceptable child support arrangement, or in enforcing or modifying an existing arrangement.

Pennsylvania Laws Impact Child Support Levels in North Wales Cases

Pennsylvania child support guidelines are now used as a baseline in determining the amount of child support a parent will be obligated to pay with the goal of treating similarly-situated parents similarly under the law. When determining the level of child support that one parent will be required to pay, the courts will consider any number of factors, including:

  • The parents’ respective income levels,
  • The earning capacity of each parent,
  • The family’s standard of living prior to divorce, if applicable,
  • The relative reasonable expenses and needs of all parties,
  • Any other support obligations that exist for either parent,
  • Any special circumstances or needs of the child.

The custody arrangement entered into between the parents is also relevant to determining child support payments. If the parties generally share parenting time evenly, it is usually the case that each parent is providing financial support for the child.

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The factors developed under Pennsylvania law will be relevant in every North Wales child support case. It is also true that just like every child is different, the needs of a child can vary based upon any number of special circumstances—as can a parent’s ability to financially support those needs. Child support is financial support paid for the benefit of the child, not the child’s other parent, and can often be adjusted for factors beyond the basic need for food, clothing and sheltering the child, including:

  • School tuition,
  • Medical expenses and insurance costs,
  • Summer camp and childcare needs of either parent,
  • The child’s interests and activities,
  • Any special needs of the child.

Child support arrangements also need not remain static over time—for example, when one parent experiences a significant change in income or earning capacity, that parent’s child support obligations should reflect the reality as it exists at the time. Schedule your free consultation with our child support attorneys in North Wales to discuss your lawsuit further. We are dedicated to fighting for your legal rights.

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Our North Wales child support attorneys can both help you estimate initial child support obligations in your case and help obtain a modification of an existing order if your circumstances have changed. We also have the experience and resources necessary to pursue enforcement action against a parent who fails to satisfy his or her child support obligations in North Wales or elsewhere in Pennsylvania. Call us today, or send us a confidential email, to discuss your case with our experienced child support lawyers.

About North Wales, Pennsylvania Area

North Wales is a borough in Montgomery County located roughly 30 miles northwest of Philadelphia. Although North Wales technically covers an area of about 0.6 square miles, in reality, many locations use a North Wales address even though they are not technically located within the lines of the borough. Although the Montgomery Mall is nearby, many services in North Wales are still provided within its historic business district on Main and Walnut streets. North Wales today is also home to a 10,000 square foot library, called the North Wales Area Library, which opened in 2010.

Frequently Asked Questions About Child Support Obligations in North Wales, PA

FAQ: What are the Pennsylvania child support guidelines and how do they impact my child support obligations?

The Pennsylvania child support guidelines provide a baseline estimate of how much you will be obligated to pay in child support based upon your monthly income and the number of children you are supporting. These guidelines are modified every four years to account for various factors, including cost-of-living adjustments. The amounts listed in the child support guidelines provided are often adjusted depending upon any number of factors, including your ability to pay, whether you have shared or primary custody of the child and your child’s unique needs. In other words, the amount you see when looking at the guidelines is not the exact amount that you will pay but can provide you with an estimate of your child support obligations going forward.

FAQ: Is the cost of health insurance for my child included in my child’s parent’s support obligations?

Can I be required to pay if I’m the custodial parent? Both parents have a responsibility for paying for their child’s health insurance costs, and health insurance costs may be built into a child support order or influence the level of payments required. Factors relevant to determining which parent pays for health insurance include both the parents’ relative abilities to pay and whether one parent has access to affordable coverage for the child—perhaps through an employer. The child support order can also mandate how the parents will share any costs associated with health coverage, such as co-pays and deductibles. In other words, as the custodial parent, you could be required to pay all or a portion of your child’s health insurance costs depending upon the circumstances as a whole.