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Pennsylvania, like many other states, has recently enacted much more harsh penalties designed to discourage drunk driving and punish those who are found guilty of DWI/DUI. Although penalties range in severity depending upon a number of factors, even first-time offenders can face, among other penalties, mandatory jail time, loss of driving privileges and court-ordered treatment and alcohol/drug screening. If you have been convicted for DWI/DUI in the ten years prior to your current arrest (Pennsylvania’s “lookback period”), the penalties for a subsequent conviction become even more severe.

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The DWI/DUI lawyers at Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford, P.C. have been defending clients who have been arrested for DWI/DUI in Newtown for decades and have a thorough understanding of Pennsylvania’s DWI/DUI laws and penalties. Once you have been arrested on DWI/DUI charges, our experienced DWI/DUI defense lawyers in Newtown can help you understand those potential penalties and steps that we may be able to take to refute the prosecution’s evidence and minimize the consequences if at all possible in your case. Not all DWI/DUI arrests have to result in a conviction, so call our offices today.

Penalties for DUI/DWI Conviction in Newtown Can Be Severe:

Even for first offense DWI/DUI convictions in Newtown, the courts have a variety of potential penalties that they can choose to, or are required to, apply in your case. Potential consequences of DWI/DUI conviction include:

  • Jail time (note that jail time can even be mandatory for first offenders under Pennsylvania law),
  • Monetary fines and court costs,
  • Community service,
  • Mandatory drug and alcohol counseling and/or screening,
  • Alcohol highway safety school,
  • Suspension of driving privileges,
  • Installation of an ignition interlock device, and
  • A criminal record.

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For drivers found to have a BAC of 0.10 percent or higher, suspension of driving privileges becomes mandatory for at least 12 months even for first offenders. Out-of-state DWI/DUI convictions can also be considered in determining whether to suspend driving privileges. If you were arrested for drunk driving, you must speak to our Newtown DUI lawyer for legal guidance. Our experienced attorneys will protect your legal rights and will help you clarify how to deal with your drunk driving charges.

Experienced DWI/DUI Lawyers in Newtown Can Challenge the Prosecution’s Evidence in Your Case

After you are stopped for suspected driving under the influence, law enforcement officials will take various steps to verify whether you were driving while intoxicated. Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford, P.C., our skilled team of DWI/DUI lawyers in Newtown may be able to challenge the admissibility or validity of the prosecution’s evidence, including evidence law enforcement officials gathered through:

  • Live observation. Law enforcement officials are required to have probable cause to believe that you are driving under the influence before they can initiate an arrest, and this probable cause is gathered through the official’s in-person observation of the driver during the traffic stop. What the officer smells and sees is important, but can be challenged on any number of grounds by an experienced DWI/DUI lawyer.
  • Field sobriety testing. After the officer determines that the driver appears to be intoxicated based on live observation, but before conducting a chemical test to determine the driver’s BAC, law enforcement will administer field sobriety tests to gather additional cause for testing. These typically include walking in a straight line, heel-to-toe, reciting the alphabet or touching one’s nose. We will investigate to make sure the officers followed all proper procedures in administering these tests.
  • Breathalyzer or other chemical testing. The final step before arrest is the administration of a portable breath test, or breathalyzer, at the scene. In other cases, the officer may take the driver to a hospital or facility for blood or urine testing. The results of these tests may be inaccurate for any number of reasons, including improper maintenance of the breathalyzer machine, chain of custody issues or lack of probable cause to administer the test in the first place.

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Frequently Asked Questions About DWI/DUI

FAQ: If I was convicted of a DWI/DUI in Newtown and had my license suspended, are there any circumstances where I can drive? How can I get to work?

In the judge’s discretion, you may be granted a restricted license after you have served the first 60 days of your suspension. Generally, an ignition interlock device will have to be installed in your vehicle, and your license will only allow you to drive to and from your place of employment.

FAQ: What if I was caught driving in Newtown while my license was suspended because I was convicted on DWI/DUI charges?

The penalties for driving with a suspended license are severe. If you are caught driving with a suspended license, your first offense carries a minimum $500 fine and mandatory jail time of between 60 and 90 days. If you are caught driving with a suspended license and you have a BAC that registers over 0.02 percent (basically, a zero tolerance rule), your first offense will carry a minimum fine of $1,000 and a minimum jail term of 90 days. Even if you have already applied to have your license reinstated, remember that you cannot drive until you have actually received your new license.