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Skilled Estate Planning Administration & Litigation Lawyers in Doylestown Focus on Client Goals in Crafting Comprehensive Estate Plans

Regardless of what an inexperienced estate planning attorney may attempt to sell you, estate planning can rarely be accomplished in a day. The most effective and comprehensive estate plans are those that continue to evolve as your life continues to evolve. At Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford, P.C., we have been serving clients in the Doylestown area for over six decades, and take pride in building lasting relationships with our clients. Our estate planning attorneys in Doylestown will make sure that their estate plans continue to serve their changing needs and goals.

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We understand how hard you have worked to accumulate your assets and grow your family and work diligently to give you the peace of mind that those hard-earned assets will not be lost to taxes or diminished with an expensive will contest lawsuit. None of us can be certain what the future holds. It is never too early to begin working toward protecting your family’s future should the unexpected occur. If you have questions about any aspect of estate planning, administration or litigation, contact our offices to schedule a consultation today.

Our Doylestown Estate Planning Attorneys Provide Comprehensive Estate Planning Advice

At Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford, P.C., our skilled team of estate planning, administration, and litigation lawyers in Doylestown provide comprehensive legal services to clients with respect to all aspects of the estate planning process. We undertake a detailed review of each of our clients’ asset structures and circumstances to develop a smart and strategic plan for implementing the client’s wishes and ensuring that those wishes are adhered to after death.

We also represent clients who have found themselves in uncertain territory because they have been named executor of an estate, or learned that a loved one left an incomplete estate plan. Our award-winning lawyers have over 65 years’ worth of experience handling all aspects of the estate planning process, which includes:

  • Developing a last will and testament,
  • Identifying and evaluating advantageous trust structures,
  • Drafting advance healthcare directives,
  • Discussing and implementing plans for future powers of attorney,
  • Establishing conservatorships or guardianships when necessary,
  • Creating a business succession plan for transitioning a family-owned business,
  • Guiding clients through the probate process,
  • Estate administration,
  • Representing clients through will contests,
  • Providing the highest quality legal counsel through all phases of trust and estate litigation.

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Estate Planning Lawyers in Doylestown Deliver Individualized Advice for Modern Families

For many Doylestown families, a comprehensive estate plan can be accomplished with only a few key documents, which typically include:

  • The will (which often includes trust provisions),
  • An advance healthcare directive, and
  • Powers of attorney.

Despite this, family structures frequently become complicated by divorce, remarriage, the introduction of adoptive children or stepchildren and a host of other issues that may need to be considered depending upon the circumstances.

At Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford, P.C., we take a client-centric approach in every single case so that we can determine the estate planning structure that may be necessary to fulfill your personalized goals for asset disposition. We work with clients to create an individualized plan that helps protect all of your loved ones and helps to anticipate future needs and contingencies.

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Whether you are just getting started in life or are well on your way, our skilled team of estate planning, administration, and litigation lawyers are here to help all of our future clients in the Doylestown area. Call our offices to schedule a consultation to discuss your questions via phone or send us a confidential email and we will get back to you promptly. For your convenience, we have two offices that are located at 2605 N. Broad Street, Colmar, PA 18915 and 12 Penns Trail, Suite 145, Newtown, PA 18940. We offer free and convenient parking to all of our clients.

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Doylestown, Pennsylvania, is a 2.16 square mile borough located in Bucks County, about 35 miles north of Center City in Philadelphia and about 80 miles southwest of New York City. Originally incorporated in 1838, Doylestown is now the county seat of Bucks County, after experiencing a substantial housing boom during the 1950s, after World War II. The Doylestown economy suffered during the 1960s with the advent of the large shopping mall but was revitalized again in the 1990s by a booming tourist business. Today, Doylestown attracts tourists from Philadelphia, New York, and nearby suburbs, many of whom are drawn by its museums, art deco theater, and vibrant nightlife.

Frequently Asked Questions About Estate Planning Administration & Litigation

FAQ: What is a will contest, and how can a will be contested?

Several theories for contesting a will exist, the most common of which include claims that the will was a forgery or was improperly executed, that fraud was committed, that the decedent lacked testamentary capacity to execute or modify the will, or that a third party exerted undue influence over the deceased. For a will contest to succeed, the person contesting the will has to have a valid reason that could stand up in court. In many cases, will contests occur when a deceased person’s loved ones are surprised by the terms of the will. At Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford, P.C., we work with our long-term clients to prevent will contests by providing comprehensive documentation and help support our clients as they discuss these difficult issues with their loved ones.

FAQ: How can an estate planning lawyer help me through the probate process in settling my loved one’s estate?

Although our attorneys strive to save our clients the time and expense of the probate process, we are here to help clients who are navigating the probate process. We can help handle all of the probate details to minimize the time and expense probate typically requires, including by filing all relevant documentation, inventorying assets subject to probate, filing tax returns, settling problems with creditors, liquidating assets and more.