Avoid Road Rage for Better Safety Behind the Wheel

Commuters in Pennsylvania would do well to keep their tempers from flaring when they are stuck in heavy traffic. The aggression-fueled mistakes associated with road rage have been killing more people in recent years. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 208 people died in accidents attributed to road rage in 2008. The death toll had risen to 392 by 2012.

Drivers in the 35 to 54 age demographic have the most opportunity on average to become annoyed in traffic because they spend the most time behind the wheel. These are the peak years for full-time career work and raising children. Such activities generate a lot of transportation needs. Data from the Federal Highway Administration revealed that distances traveled by individuals in this age group equal an average of 15,291 miles.

Men drive more than women, and therefore they are exposed to more accident risks. In the same age group, men drive an average distance of 18,858 miles every year, and women drive 11,464 miles on average. When all those miles begin to take a mental toll on people’s tempers, experts recommend seeking strategies to calm down. Ideas for taking control of stress can be found in many places online like the American Psychological Association or YouTube, where numerous videos explain breathing relaxation techniques.

Even with a positive outlook, a person could still be the victim of another driver’s negligence. When a car accident leaves a person injured, unable to work and burdened by medical bills, a personal injury lawsuit might be an avenue for financial relief. An attorney with access to accident investigators could prepare the evidence for the lawsuit and file the paperwork with a court. Negotiations for a settlement could also be handled by an attorney.