Bucks County Probation Violation Lawyers

A probation violation could result in maximum sentencing in jail or extended probationary periods, further restricting freedom and mobility in your life. Probation is a duration of time when a violator of the law has to follow a certain set of conditions such as passing drug tests, participating in community service, undergoing unwarranted searches, reporting to a probation officer, having limited contact with specific individuals, location monitoring, and others. 

If an offender breaks any of the above conditions, they may be subject to much harsher penalties. Since those who agree to the terms of probation waive many of their rights to avoid jail time, the judge has more discretion when it comes to the punishment of violation of probation. If you are facing allegations of violating your probationary conditions, contact a Bucks County probation violation attorney for a free consultation to ensure your rights remain protected. 

How to Defend a Probation Violation in Bucks County 

You may be accused of two types of probation violations: a technical violation or a criminal violation. A criminal violation affects individuals who have committed a criminal offense while on parole, while a technical violation affects those who have broken the terms of their probation. Those who have criminally violated their probation will be incarcerated until their new charges are settled, but those with technical violations could potentially be detained depending on their offense. 

A probation violation attorney can help one of two ways when representing you in court: 

  • Mitigate the damage of the probation violation and minimize the judge’s penalty 
  • Provide evidence to prove you did not violate the terms of your probation

A skilled probation violation lawyer may need to collect documentation to present evidence of you doing well under your probation terms to build a strong defense. There are various ways to prove this, such as you are working, enrolled in school, completed court-ordered counseling, positively engaging in your community, or are taking other steps to improve your life. 

Other evidence can include anything that fights allegations that you violated probation. With an experienced probation violation attorney, you may be able to defend your charges and prove them wrong against your alleged violation. 

Common Types of Probation Violations in Bucks County 

There are many conditions that could be tied to your probation that you have to follow. Some of these terms can be simple, while others can be more complex and demanding. A simple mistake or misunderstanding of probation terms can mean negative and detrimental consequences for you. To avoid the stress of a probation violation, one must be familiar with the most common forms of violations: 

  • Failing to pass a drug test 
  • Failing to pay fines and court costs
  • Failing to appear in court or hearings 
  • Failing to report to a probation officer 
  • Failing a urinalysis or other chemical test due to alcohol 
  • Failing to abide by a curfew 
  • Failing to complete community service hours 
  • Failing to complete rehabilitation, substance abuse programs, or other treatment programs 
  • Associating with people who you are prohibited to contact 
  • Living at a residence that your probation officer did not approve

If you violated your probation, this could mean that you are likely going to court or facing a hearing to determine the penalties you may face. The judge may revoke your probation if they determine you have violated the terms of your probation. Although this may potentially be the case, there are other possible consequences. To avoid the harshest penalties of violating your probation, contact a Bucks County lawyer for guidance surrounding your defense. Working with a criminal defense attorney can help you reach the best outcome regarding your penalty. 

Possible Consequences of Violating Your Probation 

There are various possible consequences to violating your probation. A skilled probation violation lawyer will fight for the consequence that least interferes with your life and allows you to continue with daily routines that set you up for success. 

To determine which consequence is best, the judge will consider multiple factors, including: 

  • Your existing criminal record 
  • Recommendations for your probation officer 
  • The severity of your offense 
  • The defense presented by your probation violation attorney 
  • Whether it is a first-time offense 

Based on these factors, the judge may then decide to do the following: 

  • Extend your probation
  • Revoke your probation 
  • Changing or adding terms to your probation
  • Requiring you to attend court-ordered counseling 
  • Order you to complete community service
  • Send you to prison

If you are being confronted with an accusation of violating your probation, consult with a probation violation lawyer in Bucks County to minimize the effects a violation may have on your life and freedom. 

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