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Facing any type of criminal charges can seriously disrupt a person’s life, but drug allegations can seem particularly intimidating. Pennsylvania prosecutors vigorously pursue these charges, and the penalties for convictions can be severe. An ecstasy and meth possession defense lawyer like those with Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford, P.C. can help formulate an equally vigorous defense strategy for accused individuals.

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How Serious Are Ecstasy & Meth Simple Possession Charges?

The potential sentences for ecstasy and meth possession charges can be quite harsh, even for first-time offenders who are accused of having a relatively small quantity of drugs. Ecstasy (also known as MDMA or Molly) methamphetamines (meth), and phencyclidine (PCP) are all classified as Schedule II drugs under Pennsylvania’s Controlled Substance, Drug, Device, and Cosmetic Act.

If authorities believe that an individual possessed this type of drug for purely personal use, they will charge them with simple possession. This is a misdemeanor charge, which is less serious than a felony, but a conviction could still lead to at least one year in prison for a first-time offense. Simple possession second and third offenses could land a convicted defendant in prison for as long as two or three years.

Other potential penalties include monetary fines and court costs. Even though simple possession is a misdemeanor, a conviction will leave you with a permanent record that could cause you further problems down the road. This makes mounting a strong legal defense vitally important. Simply being arrested and accused of a drug crime does not mean you will definitely be convicted.

What Could I Face if Charged with PWID of Ecstasy or Meth?

When authorities believe that someone intended to profit by the manufacturing, production, sale, transportation, or distribution of drugs they will charge them with possession with intent to deliver (PWID). This is a felony charge that comes with serious penalties in the event of a conviction. For this reason, accused individuals should consult with an experienced ecstasy and meth possession defense attorney to help ensure their legal rights are protected.

Also known as drug trafficking, PWID convictions can result in forfeiture of your assets or property, paying significant fines, and spending a long time in prison. Prison sentences for first-time offenses range from two years to five years, depending on the amount of drug allegedly involved. Monetary fines for first-time offenses run from $5,000 to as much as $25,000.

Subsequent offenses carry sentences of three years in prison and a $10,000 fine up to seven years in prison and a $50,000 fine, depending on the amount involved. Other repercussions could include losing the right to own firearms, losing your parental rights, loss of employment, higher insurance premiums, and greater difficulty in obtaining new employment, financial aid for college, or insurance coverage.

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