Everything You Need to Know About Attorney-Client Privilege in Criminal Cases

Imagine feeling as if you are not allowed to speak with anyone about your life circumstances for the fear that your situation will only worsen if you do. For many individuals who receive criminal charges for unlawful actions, this is a prevalent feeling and experience. But what should someone do if they feel overwhelmed or confused and desperately need help? Is there someone these individuals can speak with in their moment of need?

If you are concerned about representing yourself well and wish to learn more about attorney-client privilege, please allow us to help. The lawyers with Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford, P.C., have practiced law for over 65 years, meaning we have the experience and resources necessary to help our valued clients. We are dedicated to supporting our clients through every step of the legal process, and we would love to assist you as well.

What Is Attorney-Client Privilege?

Generally speaking, the attorney-client privilege is an individual’s right to protect their privacy during legal matters. In most cases, an attorney is not obligated to disclose anything their client tells them in confidence. Attorney-client privilege allows a client to receive help from a lawyer, disclose necessary information, and put their best foot forward during the legal process without facing some serious risks associated with self-incrimination.

What Does Attorney-Client Privilege Mean for You?

Attorney-client privilege not only allows clients to feel their privacy is protected, but it also significantly reduces stress associated with the legal process. Lawyers may act as the ultimate confidant, as your attorney is not obligated to discuss anything you disclose with others unless they suspect you will offend again. If they suspect you will commit another crime, they may be required to share details associated with your future actions, such as dates, locations, and others who might be involved.

Additionally, attorney-client privilege allows you to construct the best possible defenses and arguments in favor of your side of the case. All potentially useful information you have can be disclosed to your lawyer without increasing your risks of severe punishments or penalties. Your lawyer may help you in several ways throughout the process.

Why Is Speaking to Others So Risky in the Legal Process?

Speaking with others, including close friends and family, can be extremely risky amid legal matters. This is mainly because any information you disclose to others may be used against you in court, even if no one has poor intentions. While it may be comforting to share your circumstances with those you know very well, it may also introduce undue stress.

How Else Can a Lawyer Help Your Case?

We strongly recommend speaking with a lawyer for assistance whenever you are involved in legal matters. Your attorney may help you significantly reduce stress, develop strong strategies and defenses in your favor, and minimize the penalties you could face. Lawyers may also complete and file paperwork, maintain your schedule and appointments, and streamline many other parts of the legal process.

We suggest that you speak with and retain a lawyer as soon as possible, as this may help you obtain the best possible results in the aftermath. Ensuring sufficient time for your lawyer to collect and compile evidence and create arguments for you may be essential. While it may be tempting to represent yourself, we recommend that you avoid self-representation. Representing yourself introduces several risks to the legal process, as you may misrepresent your case and face more consequences than are necessary.

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