Is It Possible to File a Lawsuit Because of Whiplash Caused During a Car Accident?

whiplash injury lawyer colmar paThose involved in motor vehicle accidents will often end up with whiplash, a common injury that occurs when one vehicle crashes into another vehicle or something else on or off the road, such as a tree or utility pole. The whiplash develops when an individual’s body is projected forward due to the impact of the collision. It causes these fast and sudden movements that can lead to serious pain in the neck. The discomfort may be unbearable at times.

If you were in an accident and have whiplash, you might want to know if you can file a lawsuit against the other driver for such an injury. The fact of the matter is that you absolutely can file a lawsuit due to whiplash, but there are some things you need to know beforehand. You have a better chance of successfully winning the lawsuit when the accident was caused by someone else and not you.

Start Documenting Everything

If you have plans to file a lawsuit, you should be documenting everything from the minute the accident happens. Some of the things you need to document include:

  • Details of how the accident occurred
  • Copies of police reports that were filed
  • Medical records to describe your condition and the symptoms you feel
  • Copies of medical bills for treatment
  • Photos of the accident scene

The reason you need to start documenting everything is that you want to build a solid case. You want to make sure that you can get the compensation you deserve because of what happened to you. While you were following the rules of the road and paying attention to your surroundings, another driver may have been completely distracted, which caused the crash to occur in the first place. These documents are important to have available for your attorney to review.

Is It Harder to Win a Whiplash Case?

Some people might believe that it is harder to win a case against a negligent person for whiplash alone, but that is false. Whiplash is a serious condition that negatively impacts your soft tissue. It can lead to a lot of pain when doing simple tasks, such as sitting in an office chair typing on a computer or getting behind the wheel to drive your vehicle. If you are experiencing serious pain when doing things you could normally do with no pain, it becomes an issue. You should also keep a list of the ways in which this injury is impacting your life, whether it keeps you from doing things you love or causes you to miss work because of the discomfort you constantly feel.

If you want to file a lawsuit after getting into a car accident because you have whiplash, you have the right to do so. However, it is important to be able to show the other driver was negligent by gathering evidence, copies of police reports, and other useful information about the accident.

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