How Much Does a DUI Cost in the State of Pennsylvania?

After a drunk driving arrest in Philadelphia, or elsewhere, it is likely that your primary focus is the potential of jail time or having your driver’s license suspended. While these are common penalties for those charged with DUI, there are numerous other costs associated with a conviction for this offense. You, like others who have been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, may not be aware of the financial aspects of driving under the influence arrests in Pennsylvania.

Following a drunk driving arrest, you could face traffic fines and legal fees. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, you could be fined anywhere between $300 and $10,000 for a DUI. The amount you are ordered to pay varies based on your blood alcohol content level at the time of your arrests and whether you have previous alcohol-related offenses on your record.

In some cases, your vehicle may be towed following your arrest. This may result in a flat towing fee of at least $50, as well as mileage. Additionally, you may be required to pay impound fees if your vehicle is held. The Department of Transportation points out that these can range from between $75 and $175 per day. Depending on how long you, and your vehicle, are held, these costs could add up quickly.

As a part of your case or sentence, you may be required to complete an alcohol evaluation, or to participate in an alcohol education or treatment. With few exceptions, you are responsible for the costs of these programs. Evaluations can range in cost from $35 to $100, while education and treatment programs may range from $100 to in excess of $1,000.

Additionally, you may face other administrative costs as the result of a DUI. If your license was suspended, you may be required to pay a license restoration fee of $25 for a non-commercial driver’s license. Furthermore, your insurance premium may also increase, or your policy may be cancelled altogether. The amount of increase that you may see depends on numerous factors, including your provider and policy.

This post has provided an overview of the financial costs of a DUI arrest in Pennsylvania. However, you should keep in mind that each case is unique. Therefore, you should not take this post as legal advice. Rather, it should only be considered general information.