Is it Possible to File a Car Accident Claim if Your Pre-existing Condition Worsened?

Man suffering preexisting pain after a car accident. Car accident victims sometimes have pre-existing medical issues that are exacerbated by their accident. Although you cannot seek compensation for pre-existing medical conditions, you can possibly seek compensation for the aggravation of those injuries or conditions.

Claims regarding the aggravation of pre-existing injuries due to personal injuries are complicated and require the skills of a diligent lawyer to gather detailed evidence. Insurance companies can lead you to believe that you do not deserve compensation for aggravated conditions. For expert guidance and advice concerning your case, speak to an experienced car accident attorney.

Types of Pre-existing Conditions That Could Be Worsened in a Car Accident

An experienced attorney can build a case around the aggravation of pre-existing injuries due to a car accident, but it is complicated. To build your case, you have to differentiate the symptoms you experienced before your accident and the developing symptoms after your accident. These types of injuries and conditions could include:

To document the worsening condition of your pre-existing injury or medical condition, it is essential that you keep your doctor well informed of the exacerbating symptoms you are experiencing after the accident and how they differ from the symptoms you experienced before. When you receive medical attention after your accident, inform the physician about your pre-existing condition so that it can be noted in your medical records.

How Pre-existing Conditions Complicate a Car Accident Claim

When you choose to file a personal injury claim after an accident, you may think that you will not receive compensation for injuries and medical conditions that existed before the accident. However, if the other driver’s negligence made your injury or condition worse, then they may be responsible for the damages they caused. Even though this sounds straightforward, the human body can make this type of case complex when proving causation. Additionally, calculating liability and damages can be more difficult because of an existing injury or condition.

Even if this is the case, it is still possible to provide evidence to the aggravation of an injury by providing details surrounding the changes in lifestyle you have experienced, the amount of rehabilitation needed to heal the injury, and how medical care of the injury or condition has increased after the accident.

Pre-existing Injuries Can Possibly Make Personal Injury Cases Easier

Even though cases involving pre-existing injuries and conditions can be complex, sometimes they can make getting compensation for damages easier because of the documentation surrounding the injury or condition pre-accident. This can make the aggravation and harm to the injury clearer and more measurable when presenting evidence.

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