Man Charged with Drunk Driving and Homicide

It is easier than many people may realize for life to take a sudden turn in the blink of an eye. Many a Philadelphia resident has experienced a situation which has left them facing a drunk driving charge. These charges can lead to very serious penalties such as a jail sentence, fines and more. If an accident has happened that resulted in injuries or a fatality, the driver charged with a crime can face even worse consequences.

This is what one man from Oxford Circle must wrestle with today. He is accused of hitting a motorcyclist who later died while driving under the influence of alcohol. The accident happened on a Sunday afternoon along Roosevelt Boulevard. The defendant was in his Toyota sedan and attempted to make a left-hand turn. In the process, his car hit the motorcycle. The rider was thrown and later declared dead at a local hospital.

Reports indicate that the car driver stopped and looked at the biker on the ground and then got back in his car and left. Two other vehicles followed him and prevented him from driving further until law enforcement officers arrived on the scene. A blood test was used to determine the presence of alcohol although his exact BAC level is not known. Homicide, involuntary manslaughter and DUI are among the charges he now faces.

Even responsible people can be charged with DWI offenses and when this happens, their lives can change forever if convictions are achieved. Talking to a lawyer at this time might be a helpful course of action for drivers in this type of situation.

Source: NBC Philadelphia, “Driver Faces Vehicular Homicide, DUI Charges in Crash That Left Off-Duty Philadelphia Officer Dead,” David Chang and Dan Stamm, August 31, 2015