Man Sentenced to Prison After Possessing Marijuana

In Pennsylvania, it is against the law to possess controlled or illegal substances, like marijuana. Although people may keep drugs in their possession for a variety of different reasons, if it can be proven that they knowingly possessed a drug, they will be found guilty of a drug crime.

Recently, a man was sentenced to one to two years in prison after law enforcement officials convicted him of having hundreds of marijuana plants in his home four years earlier. Although the original search was done in 2010, law enforcement officials found marijuana in trash bags and existing as live plants when they did another search in 2012. Although the man claims that the plants found two years ago were just leftovers from the earlier raid, authorities say that the existence of these plants indicates that he continued to possess and grow marijuana. It is not known what the man did with the marijuana in his home.

Those charged with drug possession may be able to reduce or eliminate the charges made against them if they can prove that the drugs did not belong to them, they were prescribed by a medical doctor, law enforcement officials unlawfully searched their home or if they had a license to carry the particular drug. However, due to the severe penalties associated with the possession of drug paraphernalia, it may be difficult to acquire substantial and adequate proof against these charges. In this situation, those facing the penalties of possessing marijuana or another type of drug may benefit from working with an attorney who can develop a strong defense plan in their favor.